Google Fi Introducing End-To-End Encrypted Phone Calls on Androi

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Google Fi has announced to start end-to-end encryption for phone calls soon, starting with Android devices. For those, who do not know what Google Fi is, it is a prepaid MVNO carrier, which utilizes U.S cellular and T-Mobile networks. It switches between the two networks depending on which one has a stronger connection to offer the best experience. 

Google Fi is planning to introduce two plans; the first one is a $20 plan. It charges $10 per gigabyte of data utilized. And the second one is an unlimited data plan for $60 with a 22 GBs number speculation, for one user only. If you need a data plan with a family of four, the cost changes to $17 per line, including $30 per line or $10 per gigabyte on the unlimited data plan. 

In both cases, Google is offering a higher tier that provides 100 GB of Google One storage and access to the data only SIMs, and these plans are for smartwatches and tablets. With Google Fi, all of those plans can be efficiently utilized without suffering from an additional charge. But the data plan will keep it up as long as you are located within Google’s 200+ list of supported countries. 

According to the tech giant, Fi is also planning to launch end-to-end encrypted phone calls support. The new mount is expected to roll out in the upcoming weeks, and the mission will begin with Android phones. However, the company has yet to explain whether Google Fi will introduce this feature for iPhone users as well or not. So, it is pretty much clear that in order to get end-to-end encrypted calls, you need to use Android phones. 


The change will bring some minor adjustments to the user experience pretty well. For instance, the tech giant has explained that both the callers will need to locate a lock symbol after connecting an end-to-end encrypted call. It shows the confirmation about extra protection with a message displaying on the screen “Encrypted by Google Fi.” In addition, people taking the end-to-end encryption calls will receive a unique ringtone. Also, they will see a lock symbol on the screen before the other person answers the phone. 

As Google Fi has taken an essential step in the right direction, it is expected that more and more people will support the feature. However, for now, the experience is going to be limited. It is due to the two main reasons; the first one is restrictions given on the operating system, and the other one is the requirement of the Google Fi network for the calls to operate. 

In general, many people are using text-based messaging and VoIP services. For instance, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and FaceTime Audio for communication purposes. And most of these applications are end-to-end encrypted. When it comes to internet-based services, especially newer gadgets, they offer better quality to make voice or video calls. You also get impressive image qualities. Although, Google Fi adding end-to-end encryption for phone calls is a beneficial offer for people processing the phone calls. 

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