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Everyone has their eyes on Google I/O 2021 because they will expect some big announcements and major products, including more details on Android 12, Wear OS and watches, and possibly a few variants of pixel phone. Google skipped on I/O last year due to a pandemic, so there is a lot to catch up on. The conference will be virtual this year, and so it will be free for everyone running from now through May 20. The opening note has just ended with Sundar Pichai, and you need to sign in to a Google account and register for the event to watch. Let’s now look at some of the news that is out by now in the Google I/O 2021.

Carbon Freedom:

Google is planning to be completely Carbon-free 24/7 by 2030. The company is implementing a load shifting process to the least environmentally onerous times. Google is setting up a new geothermal project that will serve as the data centers. Also, Dragon solar panels will work with it for heating and colling.

Project Starline:

The Project Starline gives video conferencing more of an in-the same room feel, more like lifelike with people generated by 3D imagining. Now it seems this is where the patent of light field imaging patents went.

Derm Assist:

Now Google is also working on an AI that will answer your “What the hell is wrong with my skin.” The AI will cover 288 conditions which you think is a lot, and this will be available in a browser. It’s launching in the EU by the end of the year.

Camera Fixes its skin Colour Issues:

The camera is worse while handling the white balance of the non-white face camera, and Google’s AI hasn’t been much of help in this problem. Google has been working on better capture and also computational photography algorithms for darker skin tones and curly hair, and more. The update will first hit the Pixel phones and then the wider Android ecosystem in the fall.

The New Wear OS updates:

There is a new partnership that is the talk of the town right now. Google, Samsung, and Fitbit collaboration will bring a ton of changes to wearables. Wear OS and Tizen are bringing their best to the table and this cross-platform compatibility will give you a better battery life too. You will also see a new streamlined interface that takes more advantage of Google stuff on your watch. Fitbit brings more health tracking options.

The new Android Integrations:

Now you will be able to use your phone as a remote for your Android Tv. Also, other things include Android Auto wireless,, and digital car key works via NFC and your phone.

Android 12 is here!!

Now the new things are coming with the Android 12. If you set a photo as your background, the new system will create custom pallets for you based on the colors in it and uses the hues across the interface. The interface and new experiences will be first available in the pixel phones. The performance of Google Apps and the operating system will also see an improvement.

Google’s centralized all the privacy controls for easy and off, and quick settings let you immediately toggle camera and also mic settings.

Little Patterns in every single Moment:

This is the new photo introduced in the machine learning finds similar photos to generate pattern-based memories that it gives to you privately. This will also make pictures expand their cinematic moments to generate one moving picture across any photos. Google is also trying to provide you with control of hiding people or periods from your memories.

Work from Home:

Due to the pandemic and people still working from home. There is an update to Google Workspace dubbed Smart Canvas uses more AI for language integration. It will help you integrate different things like Docs, sheets, and slides.

Google Meet is getting a new mode called companion mode later this year. Now it will use its own built-in AI to automatically zoom camera views and for best face display and provide custom views.

Google meet is available to everyone, not only just enterprise users.

Google Lens Getting an Upgrade:

There is news that the Google Lens AI is getting a Buff. Now Google Lens will be able to provide more information. Google has added learning resources in another language when you snap a photo of a science problem.

Smart Maps:

Now through Google Maps, you will be able to see virtual Street signs. It will also provide you with the signs of landmarks and hotels and also provide indoor navigation.


So, after postponing Google I/O for a year. Google I/O 2021 is here and they are bringing some bigger and better things. There are updates, new things, and collaborations. So, hold on to your seats and wait for good things to come. Hope you find this information is useful. Thank you for the read.

Source: Google I/O 2021: Google’s Developers Conference .


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