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The new artificial technology devised by Google can act as a dermatologist and can assist you in finding the cause of the mole, should it appear on your skin. Well, now it seems that the data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence research industry are looking towards a solid boom as researchers have started to find their profound applications in different domains of the global industries. And, now some reports suggest that Google is assembling some AI chops and applying them to identify possible skin alterations to aid in finding the cure sooner. 

Recently, the I/O conference of developers was conducted from Tuesday (May the 18th) to Thursday (May the 20th) by Google, and on the first day, i.e., on Tuesday itself, it revealed a brand-new tool. One of the biggest technological companies in the world, Google, revealed last Tuesday that a brand-new search tool for nail, skin, and hair treatment had been created, which can cater to at least a quarter of the total population of the world, which roughly amounts to at least 2 billion. The technology has been given theoretical credence after a paper was published in Nature magazine in 2020. Now, some reports have pretty confidently stated that the AI technology created by Google could work as neatly as any good dermatologist would near your area. The paper, which was published last year, stated that AI-dermatologist, owned by Google, is proficient and smart enough in identifying 26 varying skin conditions in real-time, and the test results have revealed to Google that the accuracy of the AI can even beat some of the best skin doctors and nurses of the healthcare industry. Now, this is one of those reports that suggest that the forthcoming future of the healthcare industry can entirely go virtual, and the foundation has been laid. The new product (a search tool) is nearing the end of its production and could potentially arrive in the market later this year. And, when it releases, it will start implementing Google’s promise of aiding the healthcare industry and, in particular, all the doctors and patients involved by rolling useful technological inventions. And AI-dermatologists are one of those. 

The technology will require a solid internet connection (at least a 3G network), and the feature (dermatology AI assistant) will be present inside Google search for you to access it. Before the assistant can proceed with examining your skin, you must manually input your consent and also present and upload three photos of yours, which should be visible and clear enough. In the beginning, the AI assistant will proceed to ask some critical questions to the users regarding their skin health. If a user wishes or doesn’t find time, he or she can go ahead and skip this section and proceed further. However, before you do that, you must be well aware of the fact that answering critical questions about your skin health will vastly improve the test results that you get from the AI assistant, as suggested by Dr. Lily Peng, who is a top-rated physician and a product manager at Google. After the skin examination is done, the dermatologist assistant from Google will roll out a list of possible causes for the problem, and the top three causes will be the most likely skin disease the user is suffering from. Furthermore, to aid users in finding an accurate solution, the Google dermatologist will also give results of relevant and useful news articles and blogs related to the top-three causes. Using relevant blogs and articles, the user can figure whether the user should go for home-remedy, allopathy, or even homeopathy. 

Afterward, the user can choose to do what he or she wishes with the results. A user can store, print, delete, or even offer the test result to Google’s internal research directory. Now, if a user wishes to store and give away the data to Google, he or she can rest assured that the data will be in full encryption both in the directory and during transmission, and Google even promises that such data will not be used by the company to sell or use for the targeted ads campaigns. 

The R&D of the new technology had gone on for three years, and during that course of time, the tech giant ran the algorithm against millions of identified and de-identified skin conditions to aid the machine learning capability. Furthermore, to add more credence to their research and accumulate further data, Google also partnered with 17 different clinics. 

The AI-powered dermatology assistant will arrive this year itself, and it would be interesting to see how it will be perceived. 

Source  :-  https://nortoncomsetup.directoryecho.com/google-introduces-ai-powered-tool-to-detect-skin-diseases-health/


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