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Google is Officially Launching Fuchsia OS with Nest with First-Gen Nest Hub

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In the upcoming months, the first-gen Nest Hub is expected to be upgraded with Fuchsia Os.

Google has started rolling out its long-awaited Fuchsia OS to the first generation Nest Hub. Google first introduced its work on Google Fuchsia in the year 2016, and the Fuchsia Os operating system is worth noticing that it uses a microkernel called Zircon instead of Linux kernel. Google is pushing forward its Fuchsia project with full commitment.

The Fuchsia belongs to a long story and is confusing as well, which started in the year 2016, August 15. Google Fuchsia was added to GitHub on August 15, 2016, an open-source platform used by developers to work on various platforms.

At that time, Google announced that it is being designed for modern personal computers and modern mobile phones. Regardless of the announcement, it was not declared by Google that how much seriousness it involves in the project. Just a year later, the news about Fuchsia revived again. This time, it introduced a new user interface with fluid animations, robust multitasking, and a home screen entirely different from Android. The new user interface named ‘Armadillo’ ensured users of the seriousness of Google’s project. Since then, Google has given instructions about putting Fuchsia on a Pixelbook, released a website for developers to add something up to the platform, and received support from Samsung.

On May 25, 2021, Google took a significant step with Fuchsia by releasing the first-gen Nest Hub smart displays. The confirmation that Fuchsia will start to replace the cast OS operating system of the Nest Hub in the upcoming months was received via 9to5Google. It is said that the user interface on how it operates will remain untouched, but from its core, it will be known as Fuchsia powered device. It might not seem very exciting to the users, but it provides globally available a piece of hardware to Google to test the performance of the Fuchsia in the real world.

Google’s major step forward with the Fuchsia operating system

However, the Fuchsia operating system on the Nest Hub may look like a small-scale variation. Still, the major scenario of Fuchsia shows why the OS has received so much attention since its debut, which was approx five years ago. Google has introduced Fuchsia as an operating system, which can be utilized on devices like laptops, desktop computers, and smart home techs making the unified platform for numerous kinds of hardware. Fuchsia is created with the concept to replace both of these Android for smartphones and Chrome OS for computers and create a consistent experience for users regardless of what device they are using.

Considering the technical standpoint, Fuchsia is dependent on the Zircon kernel instead of Linux, which is a core platform behind Chrome OS and Android. Regardless of depending on an entirely different software foundation, Fuchsia is still supposed to operate Android and Linux apps originally. With all the features and envisions promised for Fuchsia, the OS shows promising flexibility. There is no doubt about the potentials of Fuchsia, but it should be notable that every platform has its way to operate before coming forward as prime time. Google has still not cleared whether it will start shipping devices with Fuchsia or not, what will be the new look of a new user interface and the fact that it will be truly replaced Chrome OS and Android. According to some reports, Google will soon address the rest of the information but is stepping forward with the release of Fuchsia for the Nest Hub.

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