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The ongoing fight between Epic Games and Apple (over Fortnite) is getting nastier with each passing day. Epic Games has joined hands together with all the other developers that are not happy with Apple’s current App Store policy. All these developers are asking Apple to bring fairness in their App Store policy so that app developers are not deprived of their rights and benefits.

It is observed that whenever Epic Games and these developers release a statement, they target Apple and its App Store policy but don’t even mention Google’s name in their statements. However, this may change soon if this rumor is true that Google is enforcing a new policy for Play Store purchases that will increase their share of profit from all the sales that took place on their platform (Google Play Store).

Google takes a 30% cut whenever someone makes in-app purchases on the Google Play Store (using the Google Play Store billing system). However, the App store policy of Google is not that much strict as Apple’s App Store Policy. Besides this, they also allow developers to use their billing services or allow their apps to redirect their users to external web pages from where they can purchase additional content for the app, unlike Apple.

But according to some sources, all this may change, and Google may also enforce a Strict Google Play Store policy, which may force all the developers on their platform to only use Google Play billing system. This will increase their (Google’s) share of profit from all the sales on their platform (Google Play Store), which is right now only 30%.

It is still not official whether Google will update their Google Play Store Policy or not. But if Google does update their Google Play Store policy, then it may also become the target of all the developers that are currently targeting Apple for their unfair and strict App Store Policy and may also face lots of criticism just like Apple. 

However, Google may save itself from all the trouble because it does not employ a monopoly-like Apple and allows Android users to download and install apps from other sources too. So, the developers might not be able to prove Google guilty and unfair like Apple, thanks to its this policy. But it will surely increase the problems of the developers who want to stay on Google Play Store because they may end up paying more money to Google for staying on their platform and using their Google Play billing system.

According to rumors, Google will not remove the apps and developers after implementing its new Google Play Store policy and will give them some time to update their apps to make sure that they comply with Google’s new Play Store policy. But the developers would also have a chance to remove their app from the Google Play Store.

Our View

It’s still not clear whether Google will introduce a new strict Google Play Store Policy or not. But if they do introduce a new policy, then they will surely receive a lot of criticism from all the developers that are currently present on their platform, just like Apple. However, only time will tell whether Google implements a new Google Play Store policy or not because Google has not made any official announcement regarding this.

Source: Google may enforce strict rules for Play Store purchases

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