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The profound assimilation of sound and beats is important to every music lover ever existed. There are several other headphone sets and air pods which allow a person to enjoy anything they hear over them. When the company first introduced the wireless Pixel Buds into the market, the most exciting thing to showcase was the fact that how such a tiny product could come with so many functionalities.

With the same premium sound quality, along with hands-free help from our very own Google Assistant with real-time translations, also available at the most affordable price.

The Pixel Buds – A Series, rich sound, clear calls with quality, Google assistance, all in this profile design, for just $99. (INR – around 7000 Rs.)

A Premium Audio Experience –

The research shows how most people determine a great sound quality as full, clear, and natural. This is the part when it guides our whole audio tuning process into other devices. Just like Nest Audio. The Pixel-Buds A-Series is not an exception. These custom-designed 12 mm dynamic earbuds deliver a full, clear, and natural sound with more outside options, which includes power in low tones or settings of the Bass Boost.

To elevate the full range of the buds and knowing their capabilities, pointing to low frequencies, in this situation, a good seal is essential. The company has scanned several ears to make the Pixel Buds – A Series that fit securely along with a gentle seal. To the reason of keeping the fit comfortable over time. With a spatial vent that reduces ear pressure.

Each earbud is also designed to connect to the main device playing audio, and that has a strong individual transmission strength, which keeps the sound clear and slightly uninterrupted.

The prepared stabilizer arc ensures a secure and gentle fit, while spatial vents ignore that plugged ear feeling. The sound quality will also be affected by your surroundings. The new Pixel Buds – A-Series are built with Adaptive Sound, which allows you to increase and decrease the volume of the sound according to the environment.

This always comes in handy when you’re moving from a quiet place to a noisy place or while running past a construction site.

The calls which will be received by the Pixel Buds will have a maximized great sound. To ensure a better call duration, the Pixel Buds A-Series use beamforming mics to focus on your main voice and reduce the noise outside, which makes your calls uninterrupted and crystal clear, keeping in place the signal strength, network handling, etc. Once your phone call is over, you can switch to your music just by saying, “Hey Google, Play my Music.”

Stylish with their looks and Hardworking –

For the A-Series, the iconic edition of Clear White with an added twist of new undertones of gray. With a darker alternative, the Pixel Buds are also available in the shade of Dark Olive. We sometimes use nature to our inspiration through our imaginations of colors all the time. The design team has shades of sophistication and soothing tones that embarks a true sense of comfort and relaxation. 

The design is inspired by the fact that great things can be acquired in small packages. These include up to five hours of listening time just on a single charge or just using the charging case for 24 hours. With an awesome capability to charge quickly, you’ll just need about 15 minutes for around three hours of listening time. These are very comfortable if talking about the long-listening sessions. It can be either a workout session, an office meeting, or a child’s birthday party you’re not interested in. the buds are water-resistant. Hence, it doesn’t bother sweat or rain.

Hand Free Access –

The Google Assistant is built inside the Pixel – Buds Series. You have an ability for quick hands-free help to check out the weather, or get an answer to the question you have in mind, edit the volume, or have your phone’s notifications read out to you with a voice by simply saying, “Hey Google.”

Google assistant is built to do more things rather than just asking questions. For example – get a real-time translation of more than 40 languages right into your ear without any hassle. Only by using the Pixel or Android 6.0+ phone, you just have to say, “Hey Google, help me speak Japanese,” to start a basic conversation. 

The Pixel Buds A-Series is also available for pre-order in countries like the US and Canada by June 17th (tentative date). Get to know more on the company’s website.

Each hand earbud of the Pixel Buds A-Series measures 20.57×29.21×17.53mm and weighs around 5.10 grams. This is metaphorically different from the last-generation Pixel Buds earbud that is 20.57×29.21×17.53mm and weighs 5.39 grams. Meanwhile, the charging case of the Pixel Buds A-Series is identical in dimensions to that of the last-generation Pixel Buds and measures 62.99×46.99×24.89mm.

Source: Google Pixel Buds (A Series)


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