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The on-demand market is the talk of the town nowadays. With so many uses and convenience, the on-demand app offers, the users are getting attracted to the advantages they offer and thus, leading these apps to reach skyrocketing success. There is no doubt that right from booking cabs in the morning, placing orders of food at the mid-day, getting groceries delivered, or even getting a massage done, they have made luxuries look like necessities. 

For busy employees, the on-demand grocery delivery apps are becoming a considerable savior, especially for bulk provisions, as they don’t have to run errands for grocery shopping on the weekend after a tiring week. For sure, this is useful, but imagine what if they have forgotten to get the essential product of their monthly grocery, and they need it urgently. Again they should run to the nearest store, right? No. They don’t have to anymore. 

A grocery delivery startup from Berlin is here to act as a savior to them in situations like this, and it is Gorillas, a “dark” fulfillment store. 

What is Gorillas and their huge rise?

Gorillas is a startup company that helps people to get a grocery or a household item in an average of ten minutes, and that too at retail prices. Amazing, right? Unlike standard grocery delivery models, the startup employs the riders directly and delivers the items from the fulfillment centers located in a small radius. Unlike weekly bulk shopping, its idea is to address other aspects of the grocery market. 

According to its CEO, mass supermarkets are designed in a way such that the consumer should organize their shopping depending on the supply chain and needs of the supermarket. This emphasizes the quality since even the fresh foods are treated for extended expiry dates. That’s why the company came up with the idea of getting the groceries on-demand. 

As this has already made a hit in Berlin, it has also raised $44 million from Series A funding. The CEO also adds that the new financial infusion, will accelerate its expansion across Europe, and it has planned to be available across 15 cities in Germany, and it has over 60 fulfillment centers across Europe. 

Time to talk about our business here

For entrepreneurs who would like to compensate or to startup a new business in the grocery delivery industry, this may be the right chance, as the market is growing. So, if you are one of them, you could try the development of Gorillas Clone, as they are going to be the new normal. 

We’ll look at the details that you should know about perks that the dark fulfillment store app can bring to your business. 

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