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The PING G430 MAX is one of the most impressive drivers in golf right now. Among other things, it’s made with a shallow, variable-thickness face, an adjustable tungsten weight, and Trajectory Tuning 2.0 that enables loft and lie to be adjusted.

Paying for performance like this and pairing it with any old shaft does it no justice. This one, if any, deserves to be paired with the best PING golf driver shafts available.

These are the ones that PING recommends.

PING Alta CB Black 55
The PING Alta CB Black 55 is one of the top recommendations that PING makes for its G430 MAX drivers.

The CB in the Alta CB stands for “counterbalanced,” one of the key features of these shafts.

Make no mistake about it. The G430 MAX is a heavy driver head and a fairly large one. Achieving a light swing weight to boost swing speeds is tough.

But not with a counterbalanced shaft, which helps shift the balance point away from the club head, so the whole outfit doesn’t feel quite as heavy as it is.

The result is a lighter perceived swing weight, which boosts swing speed, in turn extending range.

They are also highly durable and highly reliable, making them an excellent choice for your PING drivers.

Project X HZRDUS Smoke Red RDX
Another solid option for the PING G430 MAX driver, and one that’s recommended by PING, is the Project X HZRDUS Smoke Red RDX.

The Smoke Red RDX offers a unique combination of features, including a stiff butt and midsection paired with a more active tip that enables a higher launch profile.

The stiff butt and midsection stand up to fairly aggressive swing tempos, whereas the slightly more flexible, responsive tip produces a mid launch profile that extends range.

The more active tip also produces a medium spin profile that also helps extend range. Without relying too heavily on spin to gain yards, these shafts help contain shot dispersion as well.

Another secret of these shafts is that they are designed to be lighter – in the “sub 100g” weight class – which also helps lighten swing weights, helping golfers achieve higher clubhead speeds.

Mitsubishi Kai’Li White
This is the shaft for players with aggressive swing speeds and tempos that demand low launch and spin.

The Mitsubishi Kai’li White delivers extremely low torque which players with high swing speeds demand, as well as an exceptionally strong, reinforced tip that provides consistency and stability at impact.

These features encourage center-face impact, even with strong, high-speed swings, controlling shot dispersion and boosting accuracy and range simultaneously.

Moreover, these shafts are designed with super-low resin content prepreg material that increases strength and lessens weight and volume, helping to lower swing weights.

Altogether, these features increase stiffness, torque, and strength while lightening and strengthening the shafts, improving sensitivity in the process.

MCA Kai’li shafts are an ideal choice for strong players with fast swing speeds and tempos that wish to get exacting performance from the PING G430 MAX.

Looking for Other PING Golf Driver Shafts?
PING recommends other PING golf driver shafts for its G430 MAX drivers, such as the PING Tour 2.0 Chrome and Black shafts. You’re definitely not limited by what you find on this list.

If you’re interested in learning about any of these other options – or other great driver shafts for PING drivers like the G430 MAX – get in touch with the professionals at Dallas Golf Company.

They carry a broad range of the best shafts and drivers in the industry and their staff is only a phone call away at 800-955-9550.

For more information about Project X Golf Shafts and Sun Mountain Golf Stand Bags Please visit: Dallas Golf Company Inc.


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