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Government job prediction by date of birth and time

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Many of us long for a government job for good pay, security, and other perks. Astrology may predict your chances of getting a govt job. Government job prediction by date of birth is an easy way to know about your possibilities of doing a government job. Certain yogas in the kundli indicate bagging a government job in various sectors. Government jobs not just provide stability and security but hold a high reputation, authority and recognition in the country. Government jobs provide many lucrative benefits and add to a person's social respect and prestige.


Consult an Astrologer 

An astrologer may prove to be your best guide in making job predictions by the birth chart. Everyone has certain yoga’s for business or job. By looking at the birth chart, an astrologer can determine the type of work a person will do in his life. A person's birth chart may predict all the possibilities like a job or business, working in one's own country or abroad, level of fame and recognition, possible threats and obstacles, best suitable line of career, etc. The planetary placements in the birth chart help in the best career selection as per Kundli.


There are various house and planetary combinations in the horoscope that an astrologer needs to check for a government job. These planets help predict whether a person will get a government job.

Various houses and planets for a govt. job

The career horoscope of a person mainly focuses on some important houses to select the best career for a person. As placed in different houses, the planets predict different aspects of life, and career is one of them. It is always advisable to take an astrological consultation before investing resources and valuable time in a particular line of business or job. This caution helps to avoid regrets later. If you do what is best for you, there are bright chances of success and prosperity. 

These are the important houses for career prediction-

  • Ascendant/First House: The first house signifies everything about an individual's personality. A strong ascendant shows strong willpower and determination for work. If the ascendant lord sits in the good houses of the birth chart (quadrant and trines), the person gets fame and recognition in life.

  • Second House: The second house predicts wealth accumulation, savings, speech, values, etc. A strong second house is necessary to accumulate wealth through a job or business. 

  • Sixth House: The sixth house is the main house of a job while making astrology predictions for a career. The person's zeal and attitude towards the job is determined through this house. The possibilities of transfer, promotion, competition at the workplace, recognition, and support of colleagues are also signification in this house.

  • Ninth House: The ninth house is the house of fortunes in astrology. A strong ninth house indicates support of luck for a person. Generally, the Sun and other powerful planets in the 9th house help a person get a government job. An association of the 9th and 10th houses results in dharmkarmadhipati yoga, which indicates a great career for a person.

  • Tenth House: The tenth house is the house of karma and career for a person. An astrologer carefully analyses the influence of different planets at the 10th house while conducting kundli reading for the career. The 10th house is the main house of fame and recognition and predicts the government job, and post one is likely to get.


A careful analysis of the tenth house for a govt. job

  • The 10th house in the birth chart must be powerful to succeed in a career as per the horoscope.

  • The placement of the 10th lord in quadrant or trines indicates a good career for a person.

  • An association of the tenth and ninth lord indicates great heights in career for a person. This association can be either in conjunction with the 9th and 10th lord or their placements in each other’s' houses.

  • If the 10th lord sits in the 11th, 6th, or 3rd house, it also indicates a good position for a successful career.


Which planets support getting a government job?

The Sun is the main planet to help someone get a government job. However, other planets like Jupiter and Mars should also support this. The Sun is a karaka of government, authority, fame, and recognition in Astrology. If it makes any association with the Tenth house, a strong Sun gives a government job. Jupiter expands everything, and its connection with the Sun expands the possibilities of getting a government job.

Similarly, Mars gives the required passion and enthusiasm to the person. If Mars and Sun are in association in the 10th house, the person usually gets a government job in electricity department or police.

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