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Most people find and use the best software to carry out a task using a PC. For instance, Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the best software for editing videos. Similarly, Furmark is an excellent ‘Graphic Processing Unit’ (GPU) stress test tool for Windows.

It is essential to perform a stress test on your GPU to figure out if it’s performing up to the mark or not. One primary question that might occur in your mind is; why do we have to perform a stress test? While others still might be unfamiliar with the term ‘GPU.’ Therefore, below is a guide answering all your questions. So, read along to know more!

Have you ever looked closely at why the images and videos on your PC are processed? Well, it’s the mechanism carried out by a graphics card. A graphic card functions as it receives signals from the CPU, which are translated to images to appear on the monitor. On the other hand, the GPU is in charge of all the calculations.

To be clear, a graphics card is required for a system that goes through intensive usage for long hours, for instance, gaming. For all the simple tasks performed on a computer, the CPU or the pre-installed GPU works and handles the job right. However, for users that have a dedicated graphics card installed, a stress test must be performed.

What is Furmark – A GPU Stress Test Tool?

Your PC might push the GPU to the point that it might crash. It allows the complete use of computing powers and the processing of complex data. Here’s when the stress test comes in. The objective behind performing a stress test is to figure out how your GPU can work without crashing. A stress test also makes sure that no damage is caused in your daily usage of a GPU. Therefore, if you want to perform a stress test, Furmark is the standard choice for most users.

Furmark is a go-to and user-friendly GPU stress test tool that allows you to figure the graphic card’s performance in a managed environment.

How to Use Furmark?

Before getting started, it is essential to ensure that nothing is running on your PC, as it may obstruct Furmark’s understanding of the GPU’s working. To test all the graphics cards you have ever installed on your system, mark the checkbox for the ‘Fullscreen’ option. Otherwise, the results will be calculated for only the primary cards.

Furthermore, you can match the resolution settings with your monitor. You can also add 3D options to the test from the settings menu. Additionally, you can set up the GPU Temperature Alarm and the intensity of the stress test.

Once you’re satisfied with the settings, hit the ‘GPU Stress Test Button’ on the window. It is advised to run the test for thirty minutes. Thus, you have enough time to relax or complete other pending tasks. Once the process completes, the results will appear on the screen. Notably, the fans of your system are likely to make a lot of noise because of the ongoing stress test. So, there’s nothing to worry about the same.

If you’re wondering that performing a GPU stress test using Furmark is safe, it is fair for you to think so. You might think that performing a stress test isn’t necessary for people who don’t use their computers to the extent that might damage the same. Answering your question, if you use the tool with secure protocols, performing the test will do no harm.

As a sign, if Furmark crashes while performing the test, it means that the temperature of the GPU was high enough to damage the system. It is not likely to be the only reason; however, other reasons can be that you’re using an old graphic card or incompatible cooling conditions.

On the other hand, if the process works fine for thirty minutes, your GPU is undoubtedly good enough to let you play games or use professional software.

Your concern regarding performing the test is completely fine and natural. However, going through the same is eventually going to add up to your advantage. So, have you made up your mind yet?

Source :- https://officecom.a1setup.co.uk/gpu-stress-test-tool-test-your-graphics-card-with-furmark/

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