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Once a year, our dearly-loved grannies are having a day when they are loved and appreciated a bit more than we do every day. Elderly people make up about 16.5 percent of the population of the country. When was the last time you spent the day with an elderly person? On National Senior Citizens Day, which falls on August 21, you can show them how much you appreciate them and celebrate their achievements. Do you cherish and care for an elderly person in your life? Then you must also be thinking about how you could make their homes more comfortable for them to live on. 

This entails more than just enjoying home comforts; it also entails maintaining one's sense of independence and property well into retirement, with private bathing and recreation facilities. Making changes to the kitchen area can significantly improve its usability and safety for years to come. The kitchen has always been where the family bonds and it is also where the elderly mostly like to stay.


Consider the floor space when designing a kitchen renovation that is accessible. The most common risk that sends elderly people to the hospital falls, so choosing the right flooring is crucial. Making sure that your new flooring is both slips- and trip-resistant is essential. It is advised to use a material with a high coefficient of friction because it is very slip-resistant. Additionally, pick flooring with a mild springiness so that seniors can move around easily. Sort the choices — some are practical, some are beautiful, and some are both. 


No matter your age, cabinets shouldn't be difficult to reach. As people age and lose the ability to reach, stoop, climb, or kneel as easily, access to storage can be one of the biggest challenges. In an “aging in place” home, upper cabinets should typically be installed about 3 inches lower than their normal height. Also, think about using cabinets without doors for frequently used items. Trays and drawers that can be pulled out make accessing them simple. Additionally, it makes the most of your storage space.


When replacing your counters for an aging-in-place home, consider accessibility and functionality when deciding on your new arrangement. Select a counter configuration that improves usability and function to appeal to seniors. Counters are typically 36 inches high. There are additional senior-friendly levels that can be chosen. Consider lowering the counter height from the standard 36 inches to about 30 inches if your elderly parent is confined to a wheelchair so that they can work more comfortable while seated.


Ideally, a shallow sink should be installed in your lower counter space. To make it easier to reach the bottom, consider a sink that is only 6 inches deep. To make it more comfortable for someone who cannot stand for long periods of time or accommodate a wheelchair, consider installing a roll-under sink. If there is hot water running, make sure it is set to lukewarm rather than scalding.

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