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Granular Flux French Aluminum has the better effect of degassing and slag removal is good.

The granular refining flux is sprayed to the bottom of the molten pool and the sediment of the bottom of the furnace physical and chemical reaction, which can melt the alumina, separate the slag from the aluminum, and bring the gas to the surface of the aluminum liquid, so that the furnace bottom is kept clean, the number of cleaning furnaces is greatly reduced, the utilization rate of the furnace is improved.

Granular Flux French Aluminum Function

  • Strongly adsorb and melt the oxides and suspended solids in the melt and attach them to the bubbles. They are brought to the surface of the aluminum liquid as the bubbles rise, thus achieving the purpose of degassing and slag removal.
  • The oxides and impurities are separated from the melt while degassing, and the generated slag is dry and easily separated from the metal.
  • The utilization rate of the metal is improved, the adhesion of the slag on the furnace wall is reduced, and the furnace and maintenance are easy to be cleaned, and the working environment is improved.

The largest aluminum smelter in Europe, Dunkirk Aluminum in France, recently announced that it will cut aluminum production due to soaring electricity prices. The news provided a “cardiotonic agent” for aluminum prices. As of 19:00 on December 23, Beijing time, LME aluminum had a weekly increase of more than 4%.

The French Dunkirk Aluminum Company said that in response to the surge in electricity prices, the company has restricted aluminum production in the past two weeks. The company’s union representative said that about 3% of the company’s production capacity has been cut. Due to soaring electricity prices, the company has lost approximately 20 million euros since the beginning of November. If electricity prices continue to remain at extremely high levels, the company’s output may need to be further reduced.

Whether the output will be further reduced depends on the demand of the factory to fulfill the supply contract. The cost of closing the plant and restarting the smelting plant is high.

The French Dunkirk Aluminum Company is not the only aluminum smelter in Europe that has difficulty operating due to soaring electricity prices. As the European energy crisis continues to ferment, European aluminum companies have fallen into a “wave of production reduction” and “a wave of shutdowns.”



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