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Understanding Gravity Weighted Blankets

Anxiety is a common problem among people with high-tension lifestyles. For some people, it may be a normal part of everyday life, while for others it is a chronic problem that needs medical intervention. Research has found that with the increase in work demands and decrease in time for relaxation, anxiety is on the rise among millennials. While it may not always be a serious medical issue, it does tend to interfere with normal life.

There are several treatments for anxiety, including prescription drugs, aromatherapy, yoga, and other alternative medicines. But wouldn’t it be great if stress and anxiety could be relieved without ever having to resort to medical treatment?

There’s reason for stress and anxiety sufferers to rejoice. Relax and rejuvenate without any kind of medicines, simply by choosing a Gravity Weighted Blanket.

What is Gravity Weighted Blanket?

Gravity Weighted Blankets are a specially designed blanket that is customized to weigh 10 percent of the user. This weight provides a gentle pressure, mimicking the sensations of being held or hugged, and is believed to offer relief from stress, anxiety, and sleep disorders.

The company states that the blanket can be used for sleeping and much more. Watching TV, reading, resting, or simply sitting around wrapped in the blanket will provide relief from stress and stimulate relaxation and rest.

How Does It Work?

Gravity Weighted Blankets work on a system called Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation. Modern lives are busy and hectic, and the overload of sensory input in the brain often causes stress and anxiety. Gravity Weighted Blankets aim to offer a solution to this by providing gentle stimulation to the pressure points that help in relaxing the nervous system, reducing cortisol production, and increasing serotonin levels.

Gravity has been described as made from breathable materials to prevent overheating while you sleep. The inner shell is made from cotton and is stuffed with high-density plastic poly pellets. HDPE is a food-grade non-toxic material that is both heavy and soft, providing the right balance of weight and texture.

Gravity Weighted Blankets are customized according to body types, and comes in three weight options: 15 lbs for people in the weight range 100 to 150 lbs, 20 lbs for those in the weight range 150 to 200 lbs, and 25 lbs for people weighing more than 200 lbs.

The outer cover is made from plush fleece, with the grid-like pattern evenly distributing the weight through the blanket and stimulating the pressure points. This ultra soft blanket looks and feels luxurious, and is designed to provide you with the best kind of rest and relaxation.


Benefits of Weighted Blankets

Even before Gravity came into being, the benefits of weighted blankets had been much talked about in medical science. There are many ways to relieve stress and anxiety, and stimulating the pressure points is one such way. It’s a lot similar to acupressure in the way it provides gentle pressure to soothe the nervous system and induce relaxation.

Weighted blankets have existed for some years now. Besides sleep, it also aids relieve symptoms of anxiety, stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, nervous system disorders, and autism. In fact, parents of children with autism have always loved the calming effects of weighted blankets. Anyone who has ever loved the way a hug makes them feel will love the feeling of a weighted blanket.

Four important benefits of a weighted blanket are:

It Promotes Sleep

Weighted blankets have been found to help with sleep disorders. By increasing the levels of serotonin and melatonin in the body, stress is reduced, and sleep is promoted. The brain has been found to calm under the weight of something heavy, and a weighted blanket makes use of this for soothing the nerves and promoting better sleep.

It Improves Focus

Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation has been found to reduce sensory overload, thereby reducing self-stimulatory behaviors and improving concentration and focus. This measure is highly beneficial in autistic children who tend to lack attention and engage in behaviors like fidgeting.

It Reduces Anxiety

Weighted blankets can effectively calm the sympathetic nervous system, reduce anxiety and nervous behaviors. Along with the calming of anxiety, weighted blankets have also been found to be useful in taming obsessive-compulsive disorders.

It Relieves Depression

With the decrease in cortisol and increase in melatonin, stress and anxiety drop, resulting in the effective control of depressive symptoms. Weighted blankets improve mood and focus, and help in providing relief to people with depression. Additionally, people with mania, paranoia, and trauma have also been found to improve when using a weighted blanket.

Harmful Effects of Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets are harmless, and have no side effects. However, caution must be exercised when using the blankets on children, and the right weight must be maintained. Blankets that are too heavy may stifle or suffocate the child.


Gravity weighted blanket is a breakthrough product that redefines the use of the clinically-backed deep touch pressure stimulation. Whether you or someone you know suffer from anxiety, stress, or sleep-related disorders, Gravity may be the solution that provides relief without having to visit the doctor. Gravity blankets are large, offer a variety of weight options, and the HDPE is a material not usually found in other weighted blankets. For a solution to beat sleep and anxiety disorders without popping a pill, a Gravity weighted blanket is worth a try.


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