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LEDs really are the technology of the future. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and the technology seems to be getting better and better. You'll find it in places, gadgets, and accessories you might not know. From the LED screens in your sports arena to street signs to items YOU use every day, LEDs are used in such a wide range of ledcandle devices and locations that they seem to be becoming downright ubiquitous. LEDs are relatively inexpensive to use, tiny, and there are thousands of ways to use them. This makes them ideal for fun and original gifts, as well as practical gifts. Here is an idea for LED gifts for almost everyone:


No area has caught on more for LED lights than for flashlights. Using LED instead of incandescent bulbs in flashlights is extremely beneficial. First, the size is much smaller, allowing more lights to fit in the same space, allowing for smaller flashlights with a much brighter light. Second, LEDs require less energy to light up, so an LED flashlight can last longer with the same amount of batteries. Additionally, batteries as small as watch batteries can be used to power LED flashlights, meaning these handy little lights are coming in smaller and smaller packages.


It might seem like a fun idea, but LED jewelry is gaining traction. Have you ever been to a restaurant, sporting event, or special occasion where people were walking around with flashing lights around their necks, wrists, or heads? Many of us have, and in almost all cases, these flashing lights are LED jewelry or accessories. Things like bracelets, necklaces, and hats are available that contain LED lights that flash different colors from the same lightbulb. Even fun LED earrings are becoming increasingly popular. Key fobs are a popular accessory that feature brightly colored, flashing LED lights.


More and more toys are available with LED lights. From yo-yos, fans, blocks, action figures, dolls, cars and trucks, skipping ropes to frisbees, the possibilities are endless. In the future, expect more toys including mainstream brands to include LED lighting for many uses.

Decorative items

This is a fun area. There are many decorative items that contain LEDs. A fun way to use LED lights in your home LedCandle make your home a little safer is to try out some LED candles. LED candles are available in many types including tealights, votives, candlesticks and more. Instead of risking a house fire with real candles, try some of these handy and fun LED candle lights. They are useful and practical. Instead of putting a few real candles around your bathroom, try some LED candles instead. There is even a kind of LED candle that floats on the water. What a fun way to take a bath! There are also many decorative items such as boxes, eggs, hearts and flowers that contain LEDs.



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