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Paul was proud when he was suddenly hit by Hulun Yao's elbow on his lower abdomen. Suddenly, there was a sharp pain. The purple and gold hammer fell to the ground. He was also knocked upside down and landed behind the horse's buttocks. This elbow just hit the lower abdomen between the ribs and under the chest, which is what later generations call the solar plexus of the lower abdomen. It was so painful that even the gall bladder water would spit out under the impact of gravity. Shit。” Paul knelt on one knee, the muscles on his face twisted, and the pain made his forehead sweat. At least he didn't spit it out on the spot and lost face, but it did hurt so much that he couldn't stand up with one hand on the ground. Looking at Paul half kneeling on the ground, Hulun Yao wanted to kill each other with a hammer immediately, but there were so many pairs of eyes around him, as if he was thinking about the thief hugging himself just now, and suddenly a red cloud floated on his delicate white face, wishing he could find a crack in the ground at once, bite his lips and stare at Paul Chen, shake the reins, and the jade lion was very handsome. Four hooves gallop immediately scurried out, it is the direction of the capital, unexpectedly ashamed even weapons also do not want to run. Paul clutched his stomach. “Hey, your hammer.” Hearing this, Hulun Yao was even more ashamed. Her face was like a piece of red silk, and her legs were like a jade lion in her crotch. The jade lion flew through the clouds and fog, and ran away in the blink of an eye. The Liao army looked at each other, they also don't know what the princess empress to do, at this time the princess ran, had to turn around, naturally someone came up to collect the eight-edged purple gold hammer, three thousand people horse also in a hurry, go also in a hurry, leaving only smoke and dust flying. Paul bared his teeth and stood up slowly, and put the soft sword away. At this time, Wu Hua Cong went to his master and rubbed his feet. At this time, Pang Yu came to him. “Shaobao, you're in trouble. I'm afraid this person is the most popular princess of Taiping, Yelv Hulun Yao, who is in charge of the sixteen States of Yanyun.” Her master is also the royal family of Liao, Yelv Xiuge, once the grand marshal of Liao's military forces. “I didn't offend her.” Paul breathed in the cold air, and the pain in his abdomen was really terrible. As the Khitan saying goes, “Hammer” means.. The man's words. Pang Yu said that this was also somewhat embarrassing, and subconsciously looked at Shuixiu's eyebrows not far away. Shit, I don't know. Paul cursed and thought about what he had just said. If that was what the hammer meant, what he had just said was really too much. He scratched his head. “Ask the toad, what's there? Just push it on me.” “Shaobao, I know you have a good ability, but you can't make trouble everywhere. Who do you think you are?”? If I can carry so many things, I will deal with it impartially and report it to the court. Pang Yu frowned and turned to Wang Bupo and said, “Captain Wang, Inflatable water obstacle course , prepare to enter the city.” Seeing Pang Yu and Shui Xiumei riding by, Paul grimaced and said that he had died unjustly. At that time, the carriage of White Camel Mountain stopped beside him, and Bai Huahua came out of the window, “Shaobao..” “What's the matter with Miss White?” Paul walked over and poked him on the forehead with a white finger. “You are a natural scoundrel. You molest the girl's family without looking at the boundary. This is Daliao, not Tokyo.” I will not be with you, this time I will live in the Liao Dandong Princess Mansion, if there is anything, to find me is. Rokuro, go to town. She had a wide circle of friends, and Princess Dandong of Liao was specially responsible for the trade between Liao and Koryo, so she met each other in Koryo and became a close friend in the boudoir. Touching his forehead, Paul said to himself, “When did I get to know her so well?”? Looking up, the window at the back of the carriage was not covered. The Nestorian saint was turning to look at him. She looked at him with her eyes. Suddenly, her face turned red. She turned back in a hurry. Paul's eyes were good. He clearly saw the blush on Wen Chou Chou's white neck when he lowered his head. He immediately pulled his neck and shouted: “Sister Saint, I'll go to see you when I'm free.”. ” The imperial guards, who were passing by with their heads held high, looked at this Lord Chen Shaobao and admired him beyond measure. Look, this is the mother of an affectionate prodigal son and an idolatrous thief. As soon as he had molested the princess of the Liao Kingdom, he began to hook up with the fairy-like Nestorian saint. One of the junior officers muttered: If I could have the ability and good fortune of Lord Chen, I would be willing to lose 30 years of life. Next to him, a wicked ghost who was familiar with him smiled: “Zhiyuan, what a good daydream, how old are you?”? I will lose thirty years of life. I am afraid that Yanfu will fart before he enters the door. He enunciated the word “enter the door” very clearly, and it was hard to avoid a pun. Several familiar people next to him all laughed: “Yes, I died on the beauty before I went in, and the great beauty is not worth it.” Not to say so, not to say that the peony flowers die, do ghosts also romantic. Ning Dian Zhi (three classes of Dian Zhi, nine grades of petty officials), did not enter the door to spit a beauty crotch soybean milk inevitably indecent, this Yanfu or forget it. Master Dian Zhi, whose name was Zhiyuan, turned red and purple and shouted in a low voice, “*** you, you pestilence students, don't expect me to treat you to prostitutes when you get to the capital.”. Paul, amused, got on his horse, and, with a loud hiss, sprang forward. Shangjing was like Tokyo, and there was also a post road for envoys, just like today's embassy. When the group of envoys entered the post house of the Great Song Dynasty, there were naturally officials stationed in Liao who came to greet them. It was needless to say that the welcome was a welcome. As for whether Ning Dianzhi, a junior officer, had invited friends to visit prostitutes in the brothel in Shangjing,Inflatable dry slide, he did not explain it in the book. He only talked about the notes between the two countries and the tedious diplomatic process. When they arrived at Shangjing, the capital of Liao, they did not say that they would have an audience to negotiate. At least the officials of the real power faction had to visit senior officials and dignitaries. Liao was also divided into the war faction and the peace faction. The difference between the hawks and the doves was the same no matter what time and space. joyshineinflatables.com


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