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If you are a beer lover from way back when, then you must certainly be a craft beer connoisseur, who loves the decadent flavours and aromas that you can get from craft beer in London. Beer is one of the most refreshing drinks available, especially on a hot summer day, so what are some of the good craft beer near me, to help me cool down during summer?

  • Saisons – With a light body but high in carbonation, Saisons provide a slightly sour taste, are balanced with bitterness, and contains fruity, spicy accents. 

  • IPA’s – The classic craft beer, the IPA, offers a range of flavours that are sure to delight. One of my favourites is the IPA produced by Rebellion Beer, with well-balanced malt and hop flavours, and a nice smooth copper colour to it.

  • Kolsch – These beers are brewed according to a very unique process which was first developed in Germany way back in the 17th century. It is light and crisp, with mild hop flavours and well-balanced sweetness. 

  • Pilsners – Another great beer for summer time is the Pilsner, with its delicate aroma and high carbonation. These are made with bottom-fermenting yeast, making them very unique and gives them their exclusive flavour.’

  • Wheat Beer – These beers are low in bitterness and offer some fruity flavours and aromas including banana. They are very delicate and go very well with summer food such as seafood and salads. 

  • Non-Alcoholic Beer – With the trend shifting to non-alcoholic beers in recent times, craft breweries have started experimenting on making some exquisite tasting beers, without the punch. These beers offer less than 0.5% ABV, and some are absolutely zero. They taste just as well as alcoholic beers, and are ideal for those looking for a different lifestyle but who still want to enjoy a cool refreshing beer.


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