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The sharing of greeting cards on memorable seasons and events is a tradition that has paved its way over centuries and generations. But have you ever given thought to what makes greeting cards so special? I believe it’s the sheer simplicity and ease of expressing all kinds of sentiments in the rawest form. Whether you’re experiencing sympathy, joy, elation, sadness, humor, or gratitude, a greeting card can say it all!

If you haven’t been in touch with your friends and family for a long time; this is your sign to send them a greeting card. You might think of checking the card aisle at your nearest store, but if you’re looking for something extremely personalized and heart-touching, then TwenT3 is your go-to option! They add in a customized 3D picture from a memorable day; a simple trick to go beyond the message and unleash your hidden feelings. I absolutely love how greeting cards speak when words fail us.

TwenT3 is all about emotions and sentiments packed in wholesome gifts. Their cards are exceptionally unique featuring a 3D lenticular print that sets the bar high in gift-giving. May it be a birthday or a holiday, a special achievement or a moment of admiration, greeting cards are the most beautiful way to speak your heart out!


When Should You Send Someone a Greeting Card?

Quite frankly, the possibilities are endless. And if you’re like me, you’d come up with the most random reasons to send out greeting cards. After all, it’s the thought that counts. The cards collection and visual graphics of TwenT3 are so aesthetically pleasing that one cannot resist purchasing a greeting card every time you set eyes on them. I’ve got plenty of excuses to send a greeting card, and am sharing a few of them below;

  • Birthday cards with 3D effects are a great way to hype up your loved ones on their special day. An orthodox ‘happy birthday’ can be replaced with something much more exciting. A card featuring 3D lenticular, pops up as a great way to showcase an unforgettable day or a hilarious inside joke. TwenT3 also adds in a customized message for that personalized touch. Birthday cards make a great gift, only if done the right way!
  • Festive seasons call for greeting cards of all sorts and colors. Whether it’s your favorite holiday or a family gathering on Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Diwali, Eid, or Halloween, a greeting card can bring out smiles on everyone. Such holidays are a great moment to become a favorite nephew or niece by sharing customized 3D cards with all your aunts and uncles. The unique and artistic effects are bound to take the receiver by surprise.
  • While wedding gifts have their own charm, you cannot deny the warmth of a greeting card. Wedding ceremonies, bridal showers, anniversaries, and engagement parties are all celebrations that need to be rejoiced in the best possible way. And what better choice than to send out TwenT3’s personalized cards? Congratulate the happy couple by adding in their photos; and our lenticular cards will transform it into a keepsake. I’m pretty sure no one else would even think of sending a card with 3D pictures that move around, so your gift is going to be a class apart!
  • Lifetime achievements ask to be remembered forever. Be a part of your loved one’s happy days by sending in a greeting card congratulating them on their graduation, new home, new baby, or a new job. While one might forget about an ordinary greeting card, it is impossible to resist the artistic flair of TwenT3 greeting cards. What I love the most about their cards is the extra-realistic 2 image flip & 3D effect finish.
  • But that’s not all. TwenT3 greeting cards also cater gestures of politeness by giving a physical form to your sentiments. They design 3D cards not only for birthdays and special occasions, but also thank-you, sorry, get well soon, miss you, and sympathy cards, basically any type of card you can think of. You can also explore fun ideas like sending a card to wipe out those Monday blues, share your homesickness, or celebrating Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and even Valentines!

What Makes a 3D Lenticular Card So Special?

Cards are all about the 3D effects which make them hyper-realistic and catchy. I must say, TwenT3 has mastered the art of lenticular printing by interlacing two images into one, so the end result is a movable picture when you tilt the card up & down or left & right. The depth and sharp pixels further add to the effect as the pictures smoothly transition into one another.

Lenticular prints are something, that will always catch the eye. I believe there’s something so satisfying to see two pictures merge into one. Just imagine, you receive a birthday card with 3D printing, and as you open it a cinematic sequence of pictures stares back at you. Wouldn’t it simply be the best part of your day?

The 40 Lpi PET lenticular lens allows the viewer to see an image from any angle they want. The lens is made up of individual lenticules that zoom the image you view. Paired together, all lenticules concord to create a specially designed graphic picture. This illusion of depth is where all the magic arises to hold the receiver’s attention for longer than usual.

And the best part? TwenT3 is always receptive to any ideas out of the box. They not only limit to greeting cards for all seasons, but also specialize in creating cards for even the most random occasion. With a petite look, all cards are encased in cellophane cover and an envelope for added protection. There is no compromise on quality; and you’re assured to receive a brilliant card in no time at all!


The longevity of paper cards, paired up with a remarkable lenticular printing will make your loved ones feel so special. A professional brand like TwenT3 has got your back as you experiment with all kinds of pictures and 3d lenticular card styles. With all the effort and creativity put into this card, it will turn out to be the most meaningful and memorable gift of all times. So, what are you waiting for? It’s the perfect time to remind your loved ones how much they mean to you, starting with the simplest and sweetest gesture; a greeting card in a mailbox!



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