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With the ongoing pandemic , a large number of key service industries are facing a steady decline. Within the UK, the data and analytics industry, however, is facing steady demand and stronger job security. Over eighty percent of employees assessed by the annual Data and Analytics Salary Guide from Harnham feel their current employment position feels significantly more secure compared to the same time last year. Datascience companies and data science consulting services have revealed; 

  • The data and analytics industry within the UK is working harder towards closing the gap between gender-based employment. Currently, 30% of the workforce in this field are women.  

  • Data and analytics businesses have also redefined the trend with the flexibility of working hours. While previously 57% of organizations offered flexibility, the number has now aggressively risen to 84%. This may appear to be a side-effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the trend was on an upwards rise before the pandemic hit.  

  • Progressing through career ranks has been significantly easier within the data and analytics industry. Employees focus on promotions rather than salary increases, a testament to the job security offered by the field.  

  • A third of employees currently operating within the field are actively seeking better employment opportunities. As the UK data and analytics industry is currently thriving, job options are available in plenty. Professionals within the field feel little tension between leaving their existing organization and searching for an elevated opportunity.  


The reason the data science services industry is currently still thriving is primarily caused by the lull in business caused by COVID-19. With more businesses having to change their existing models to adapt to the new normal, understanding their customers and their newly developed needs has become critical to operational success.  

Additionally, the field of data science is relatively new and offers a limited number of certified professionals. Twenty years ago, this process was significantly slower with undeveloped internet connectivity and primitive programming languages. As technology has developed, the application prospects have significantly increased, and data science has become an integral part of staying relevant within competitive industries.  

Since 2012, professional social media platform LinkedIn has seen a 650% increase in data science job opportunities. Within the US, it is projected the number of opportunities within the field is likely to rise by 28% by 2026. Especially within developing countries, the prevalence of data services is aggressively coming to light. If over 11.5 million new jobs can be  created in i the field in the US, it would be unwise to underestimate growth potential within the UK. 



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