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Guerrilla Marketing Meets Reverse Graffiti

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You might have heard about Guerrilla Street Marketing. Yes, you are right, it is a street marketing technique that is used for driving publicity for any product, service, or business. Even, it is used as a technique to market an event. It is an unconventional marketing technique.

When you hire a professional marketing service for Guerrilla Street Marketing, you will find the service provider using different marketing techniques. One such street marketing technique is reverse graffiti advertising. This marketing technique is called by other names like clean stencils and chalk tagging as well. It is a method of pavement advertising, where the marketing message is created on a dusty surface using a stencil or with hands.

When does Guerilla Marketing Meet Reverse Graffiti?

Reverse graffiti London is a type of guerrilla marketing technique. The reason is that professional marketing services use different types of guerrilla marketing techniques. You can make reverse graffiti to meet guerilla marketing when you ask your marketing agency to use chalk tagging to improve the reach of your business.

Why Choose Professional Help?

Not only for reverse graffiti advertising but also for any other marketing technique for that matter, it would be good to get help from a professional marketing service. The reason is that this type of agency will have experience and expertise in different types of marketing techniques. So, they will try one technique over the other. If one does not work, they will try out the other technique to find out whether it works.

Further, with experience, the agency will be aware of the types of images to use to attract the attention of people passing by in any form of pavement advertising including reverse graffiti. They will get ideas onthespot. So, if one technique does not work, they will use the other to rightly grab the attention of people passing by.

Another reason to choose this street marketing technique is that your business can connect directly with the intended audience. Indeed, the marketing will be handled by the marketing agency. But, the staff of a marketing agency will turn out to be your business staff when they deliver their expertise on the spot to market your business.


As a marketing technique that will not make you spend a lot, this street marketing technique will undoubtedly take your business to new heights. In other words, it will make brand promotion possible without requiring you to spend a lot.



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