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Jia Daochang carried Nizi on his back, carrying a travel bag in his left hand and a password box in his right hand. He could not spare his hands, so he had to dodge. However, the short Song Diweng rolled on the ground and started the “ground technique”. With a downwind cut, two little fat hands quietly went straight to his crotch to attack and catch him. “Earth Skill”, also known as “Earth Skill Eighteen Rolling”, originated from the Shaolin Secret Skill. Due to the unique physical conditions, the little dwarf Song Diweng is even more mysterious and impossible to guard against. When Jia Daochang found out, Song Diweng's hands had almost caught his crotch. In his eagerness, he had to bow his waist and block the password box. With a “click”, several holes were poked in the box. Jia Daochang broke out in a cold sweat, thinking, if that little hand caught his Yang (harmony?) With, not on the castration of it? Under the pincer attack of Song Diweng and Fei Daochang, Jia Daochang was already in danger, so he had a murderous look in his heart and was ready to kill the two men in one fell swoop with “innate Qigong”. Anyway, no one knew about it in this inaccessible place. Jia Daochang made up his mind, then put down Nizi and the travel bag and password box in his hand, his arms fluttered, his clothes bulged, and an invisible wind suddenly came into being. As soon as Song Diweng saw that it was not good, he immediately shouted, “Ziyun, hurry over to one side. Lao Dao is going to use'Innate Qigong ‘.” As a matter of fact, his implication was that he wanted the Taoist Priest to wait for an opportunity to take Nizi away. I know, Master. Fei Daochang understood what Song Diweng meant, so he flashed out of the circle and waited for the master to distract Jia's corpse before he did it himself. Jia Daochang didn't want to get entangled with them, so he pushed the True Qi forward with his palms, and a violent wave of Gang Qi overwhelmed the little dwarf lying on the ground. Song Di Weng Rao was on guard first, and promptly came to the spot to roll, but he still felt a chill in his chest, almost breathless, the dust on the ground was flying, and the place where he had just fallen down had already been smashed into a shallow pit. Jia Daochang missed a blow, his body rose in the air, his hands left and right open the bow, congenital Gang Qi hit Song Diweng one after another, at this moment, the little dwarf has no power to fight back, only to roll and roll in confusion to avoid, and finally plunged into the “Chastity Pool”, splashing in all directions. Fei Daochang seized the opportunity, secretly dodged to the side of Nizi, plastic pallet crates ,secondary containment pallet, one eye to see clearly, a grasp. Nizi was awake at the moment, holding “Little Cui” in her arms and standing sideways on the edge of the bushes, nervously watching Jia Daochang fight the dwarf. Meow. The big black cat gave a sudden scream. Nizi was startled and turned to catch a glimpse of Fei Daochang sneaking at her with a smirk, a big hand about to grab the back of her neck. In her eagerness, Nizi could not think much about it. Her left arm instinctively waved out, and a faint arm shadow suddenly popped up. “Bang” hit Fei Daochang's face in the air. This was the third type of “Broken Arm Standing Snow” in the “Five Styles of Bodhidharma”. At that time, Bodhidharma Patriarch Shaoshi sat in meditation facing the wall on the mountain, and the divine light stood motionless in the heavy snow to seek the Dharma. The snow was knee-deep, and he had no regrets. Bodhidharma asked him, “What are you doing standing in the snow?” The divine light replied, “Ask the Buddha for the Dharma.” Bodhidharma replied, “Unless red snow falls from the sky.” Without hesitation, Shenguang pulled out the ring knife he carried with him and cut his left arm. With a “click”, his arm fell to the ground, spattering blood and staining the snow red. The pious sound of the sword pierced the clouds and fog and reached the western heaven. The Buddha marveled at his piety, so he took off his cassock and threw it to the east. All of a sudden, the whole Shaolin was shrouded in red light, rosy clouds were everywhere, and large pieces of snow like goose feathers were reflected in blood and fell from the sky. The divine light laid down his sword and still stood in the red snow. Bodhidharma was so deeply moved that he passed on his mantle and ritual instruments to the divine light, and gave him the Buddhist name “Huike”, the second ancestor of Zen Buddhism. The ancients once said in a poem: “Many people call the Patriarch for selling gold, but now they regret their carelessness at that time.”. At that time, I recommended Hunlundi early, but I didn't beg anyone to cut off a limb. Nizi doesn't have much True Qi in her body at the moment. On the top of Yuzhu Peak, her body had been forcibly infused with some Gang Qi by Jia Daochang as the basis of Quanzhen School's “Innate Qigong”. It was with these authentic Gang Qi of Xuanmen School that she had an epiphany of “Bodhidharma Five Styles” in the underground palace of “Fenghou Tomb”. When Fei Daochang was about to succeed, his face was suddenly hit by an arm, but he felt a pain in his nose and had a lot of nosebleeds. He was puzzled. “Bang, bang, bang” was followed by a series of blows on his face. For a moment, he saw stars. Finally, he leaned back and passed out. Nizi nose contemptuous “hum”, jumped up again, mercilessly kicked the one-eyed dragon belly a few feet, in order to vent the hatred of the heart. Just then, a small hand quietly reached out from the bushes and grabbed Nizi's back skirt. Nizi was startled and hurried to look back. Shh.. The excited face of the young monk appeared in the bushes. He whispered in a hurry, “Nizi, come in..” Nizi bent down to pick up her bag and got into the bushes. Brother Youliang! What are you doing here? Nizi asked happily. Careful, don't step on it. Youliang suddenly warned. Nizi looked down and saw a pool of steaming shit on the ground, emitting a pungent odor. This is Nizi was puzzled. I did it. You Liang answered with a red face. wWw. XiAoshUotxt. COmt xt + ~ Xiao < Shuo + Tian > Tang Chapter 145 With the help of “Innate Qigong”, Jia Shi Ming patted Song Diweng down in the pool, then turned around and looked at him. He was frightened. Fei Daochang was already lying on the ground, but Nizi was gone. “Jia Daochang, where is Nizi?” Just when he was surprised, a childish question suddenly sounded in his ear. Jia Daochang fixed his eyes on it and saw three people standing a few feet away. One was an old woman with a strange costume, a burly policeman and a little boy. A big parrot with blue feathers crouched on the child's shoulder. It turned out that Shen Caihua and others had already caught up with Nizi's smell all the way. Oh,plastic pallet suppliers, it's you. Jia Daochang recognized Shen Caihua and the strange King Kong parrot. Master Mammy, he is Taoist Jia. Shen Caihua pointed to Jia Zhiming and said. Hakka Mammy looked at the capable old man in front of her and said lightly, “Are you Jia Daochang of the Quanzhen Sect?” 。 binpallet.com


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