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Deciding on a career path is a complex process. In finalizing an option, it is important to consider the students' current values, interests, skills, and preferences. Along with these considerations, the capacity and potential of the students should never be overlooked.

When students try to find their career option, they face many problems like:

  • Find a perfect fit
  • Understand their desires
  • Fear of failure
  • Lack of awareness about curriculum and career
  • Peer pressure, etc
  • This is when a career counsellor comes into play.

free career counsellor understands the interests and aspirations of the students, analyzes their abilities, and accordingly suggests them a suitable career path.

Procedure to be followed while advising students to choose career options

Career counsellors can follow this process to understand the thought process of students and suggest them a suitable career:

Identify their interests

A person enjoys his work more when he likes what he does. This is the first step a career counsellor should take while guiding a student, knowing their interests. Ask students what they want to be, what course they want to pursue, what college they want to attend, etc.

Understand their strengths and weaknesses

Every student has certain strengths and weaknesses. A career counsellor's responsibility is to identify their abilities and disabilities. This will help you understand the students' personality and likes and dislikes. Once you know their personality, it becomes easier to suggest the right direction.

Make them aware of different career options

The world is full of opportunities. There are thousands of career options available today that one could never have imagined. However, students and parents are not aware of most of the career options available in India and abroad. As a career counsellor near me, educate them about various career opportunities according to their interests and abilities.

Psychological assessment of students is necessary to understand these aspects. You can find various psychological tests offered by the university. These assessments help the career counsellor understand the child's personality, interests, strengths, and weaknesses.

These tests serve as a tool for self-study, and awareness of the students and are also a basic point of reference for career counselling.

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