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Guide to buying appropriate toys for toddlers

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Children are little explorers. They analyse their surroundings and try to make sense of the world. This makes them innately curious to find every object fascinating. Hence, they need not have toys to play with. Any item is sufficient to trigger curiosity. This does not mean you neglect their playtime needs. Although they may play with whatever they find, they also get bored quickly. Therefore, you should keep them entertained with exciting toys.

Besides entertaining, playthings shape their development in many ways. This makes it crucial to choose suitable toys for 1-year-old. You want to consider their interests and comprehension to get the age-appropriate games. This may seem easy owing to varied options. But as you go through the toy categories, the purchase experience gets overwhelming. Follow these guidelines:

Think open-ended

Babies are yet to develop perceptive skills. Hence, they do things without rhyme or reason. They play by picking up objects, taking them apart, pulling, and stacking them together. You should get them toys that offer possibilities for the same. Open-ended games fit this criterion as they can get used in various ways. Some examples include building blocks, play dough, interlocking bricks, etc.

Value exploration

As aware, kids like to explore and learn things. Their lack of awareness makes them innately curious. You must value this aspect to boost their logical skills and teach them new concepts. You do this by choosing toys that encourage problem-solving and ignite the imagination. As you go through the selection of toys for 2-year-olds, you find many variations in this category. They include puzzles, shape sorters, stacking cups, etc.

Consider activity

New-borns spend most of their growing up sleeping. It is only until they turn a year old that you witness movement. This is the first milestone in their development cycle. During this time, encouraging activity is essential to develop primary muscles. Doing so lets them do more than just rolling. As they practice standing up and crawling, they should slowly start walking. To promote this, you get tricycles, pull toys, balls, etc. 

Prioritise safety

Curiosity gets the better of toddlers. They like to touch, smell, and put toys in their mouth. Hence, it is essential to buy safe toys for 12- to 24-month-olds. Check for sharp edges, construction, material, and size before selection. These aspects are crucial to prevent choking hazards and irritable reactions. If unsure, check the label to make an informed decision. 

Understand attention span

Paying attention is a challenge for most adults. Imagine what that is like for babies. They get distracted easily and cry when bored. Understand this aspect while splurging on toys. 



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