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There are several reasons why you want to keep your driving record clean. First of all, the majority of offenses that go on your driving record also include a financial fine. Some of them include a license suspension or even prison time. It’s pretty straightforward why all of these are to be avoided.

Other than this, a blemish on your driving record will increase your insurance rates, eliminate you as a candidate on some job applications, etc. In other words, it’s an important thing to look out for. Here’s a brief guide on how you can keep your driving record clean.

1.      What can ruin your driving record

In a lot of countries, when we talk about one’s driving record, what we’re actually referencing are people’s driving points. If you push it too far, your driver’s license may be suspended. Even after you get it back, this will stay on your driving record. Then, there are moving violations, DUI violations, owed fees and citations, etc. Now, each of these problems should be approached differently but one thing you need to understand is that prevention is always the safest way. So, not having an issue with any of these is always your best bet.

2.      Stay focused

Traffic accidents and even traffic violations won’t necessarily be your fault. If you’re not focused, others may provoke you into making a traffic violation. Moreover, you might fail to react in a scenario where, even though it’s not your fault, you would be held accountable. The most obvious such scenario is one where the vehicle in front of you didn’t give a turn signal. In this case, they’re clearly responsible but there’s no way you’ll ever be able to prove it. In order to stay focused, you need to be alert when sitting behind the wheel. Don’t do it if you’re too tired or distracted.

3.      Learn how to keep a distance

Keeping a proper distance is crucial in your efforts to keep a clean driving record. Namely, even if they do something reckless (like what we described in the previous segment), if you’re far enough you have the time to react. Ideally, you would stay one and a half lengths of your own car behind the next vehicle. Keep in mind that if the road conditions are somewhat worse, an additional buffer zone between your car and the next may be necessary. It’s all about buying yourself time to react.

4.      Adjust your driving speed

Adjusting your driving speed makes all the difference in the world when it comes to having a clean record for several reasons. First, it eliminates the likelihood that you’ll earn a speeding ticket. Second, like with the last advice, it gives you enough time to react. Third, it makes it easier for you to assess any situation. By moving too fast, your peripheral vision will have to work overtime in order to help you interpret the situation around you. So, if you have to be somewhere on time, it’s better to just set out on time.

5.      Learn how to drive safely

Principles of driving safely will be implemented by your instructor during your basic driving lessons. The problem lies in the fact that a lot of people aren’t really paying attention. Instead, they’re just trying to pass so that they can receive their driver’s license. In other words, they adopt a bare minimum and forget the rest as soon as they feel they are “allowed to do so”. However, there’s nothing wrong with retaking a couple of lessons to refresh your memory. In fact, you could even enroll in a defensive driving course in order to maximize the effect of this.

6.      Clear your driving record

There are a couple of ways you can clear your driving record. For instance, if you feel like the ticket that you’re receiving is unfair, you can always fight it. You would be surprised at just how often this works and how little people utilize this method. You can say that there were mitigating circumstances and, in a lot of scenarios, the court would actually take this into account. Moreover, paying a ticket right away may keep things off your record. Lastly, make sure to check if your points have disappeared after the proscribed period of time. This won’t always be the case and you don’t want to leave these things up to a clerical error.

In conclusion

Most important than keeping a clean driving record is ensuring that you, alongside other traffic participants, are safe. Fortunately, the majority of the above-listed tips can ensure that, as well. After all, the majority of traffic rules are there to ensure the safety (whereas the rest ensure efficiency) of the traffic. All you have to do is abide by them and the likelihood of a traffic accident will go down to a minimum.



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