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Shimla Hills is a leading manufacturer of processed Totapuri Mango Puree, thanks to the careful selection of matured, ripe mangoes by our experts. Known for their distinct oblong shape and zesty flavour, Totapuri mangoes are a mainstay in the southern regions of India. In this tutorial, we’ll explore this tropical fruit’s journey, from cultivation to processing, providing an inside look at the painstaking method used to produce the highest-quality Totapuri mango puree.

Understanding the Totapuri Mango

Formally called Mangifera indica, Totapuri mango, is a major commercial cultivar that comes from verdant orchards of southern India. Mango lovers are fond of Totapuri mango due to its culinary appeal and exquisite qualities.

Totapuri mangoes are easy to identify due to their elongated shape with distinguished beak-shaped tips. This unusual appearance of these mangoes makes them appear appealing along with its uniqueness.

Totapuri mangoes are significant in the Indian agricultural economy, particularly in certain states of India, like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. Mangoes are more than simply a fruit; they are a booming industry that makes a substantial contribution to the nation’s export earnings and agricultural output.

The popularity and economic significance of Totapuri mangoes are demonstrated by their exportation to different parts of the world and their demand that transcends national boundaries.

Cultivation of Totapuri Mango

Being a leading Totapuri mango pulp manufacturer in India, Shimla Hills carefully manages the production process. Our experts ensure the transformation of the best quality fruit into the finest mango puree. Have a look at the steps we follow for cultivation of Totapuri mangoes:

  • Optimal Soil and Climate Conditions: We ensure that our experts guide farmers to follow the right tactics to maintain special environmental conditions for the successful flourishing of the crop. For growing these mangoes, the tropical regions with ample sunlight and well-drained soil are optimal. Our experts carefully choose sites with ideal climate and soil parameters to ensure sustainable, long-term farming.
  • Planting and Propagation: Our experts use various propagation techniques, like budding, grafting, and seeds, to guarantee ideal tree growth. Further, farmers plant carefully selected saplings in rows at ideal spacing between them. This promotes healthy growth and careful orchard management. As a result, we get the finest produce for our end product.
  • Maintenance and Pruning: Mango trees need timely pruning to keep up in shape, enabling better airflow while speeding fruit development. Pruning also ensures every tree gets ample nutrients and sunlight for fruit production and healthy growth. To promote healthy tree growth, we also use appropriate fertilizer management and irrigation techniques.
  • Pest and Disease Management: We put major emphasis on integrated pest and disease management for combating common pests, such as mango hoppers and fruit flies. Our professionals handle vigilant monitoring to promote eco-friendly farming techniques with no pesticides. Furthermore, we take extra steps to prevent diseases while avoiding fungal infections, which can reduce fruit quality. With the successful implementation of disease management strategies and proactive pests, Shimla Hills ensures the yield and well-being of Totapuri mango plantations.
  • Harvesting Totapuri Mangos: Our experts carefully and precisely take care of harvesting, as it’s a crucial step for better crop development. We harvest the crop when it reaches maturity and is firm.  To preserve quality standards while reducing fruit damage, experts follow meticulous handpicking techniques. To ensure that the mangoes are full of flavour and have the best pulp quality possible for processing into a variety of mango products, harvesting is timed to coincide with peak ripeness.

Processed Totapuri Mango Puree Production:

To ensure the highest quality levels, Shimla Hills, the top Totapuri mango pulp supplier in India, carefully monitors the manufacturing of processed Totapuri mango puree. Here’s a detailed look at how we manage processed Totapuri mango puree production:

  • Sorting and Inspection: The most crucial stage in the production of processed mango puree is the sorting of premium quality fruits. Our skilled labourers carefully examine every mango to ensure only the best fruit is selected for processing. To ensure purity and uniformity during the entire sorting process, we follow strict quality control procedures. We reject the mangoes that don’t match our firm’s exact quality criteria. This helps in maintaining the integrity of the final product.
  • Washing and sanitisation: After sorting, the selected mangoes are properly cleaned and sanitized to eliminate any surface impurities, such as grime, dust, or residues. In this stage, our experts fulfil food safety regulations to prolong the puree’s shelf life while reducing any possibility of microbiological contamination.
  • Extracting and Processing: Following thorough washing, the mangoes undergo processing with advanced gear for precise peeling and seed removal. The original colour, flavour, and nutritional content of mango pulp further undergoes meticulous extraction pulp. Leveraging cutting-edge processing techniques, Shimla Hills produces premium quality Totapuri mango puree. The puree carries the authentic flavour of the natural fruit while preserving its innateness.
  • Packaging and Distribution: To keep the puree free and to avoid contamination, our processed Totapuri mango puree is packed in aseptic bags or drums with inner polyliners. Shimla Hills prioritizes effective distribution networks to ensure the puree’s prompt delivery to global clients. To ensure that our product reaches with integrity, we follow meticulous logistical planning.


At every stage of the process, Shimla Hills crafts the highest-quality Totapuri mango puree, which is something it is proud to offer. While relishing the zesty richness of Totapuri mango puree, keep in mind the painstaking procedure that transforms nature’s abundance from seed to every pack. Explore our website to find more and for bulk orders.


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