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A lot of people might not know that one can transfer browser tabs from their smartphone to a computer. You might be on an interesting webpage that will look better on the desktop screen, or it could be that your phone’s battery might be dying out. In such a case, you might miss out on something interesting. But there are a few ways through which you can continue your work and switch devices without losing access to browser tabs. You can use any smartphone with Android or iOS support to transfer the webpages to your PC, and vice-versa. If you want to experience this seamless migration technique, use the following ways to sync your tabs between your phone and computer:

Google Chrome Tabs Transfer

Chrome is a commonly used browser, and it is available on almost every device, so synchronizing the tabs becomes relatively easy. But first, you have to set up the sync.

Start by signing in to your Chrome account on both your PC and smartphone. You can also sign into any device you want for synchronizing all your data on Chrome. Google Chrome’s sync feature is powerful, and it finishes the sync process within seconds, but one needs to have a robust Wi-Fi connection.

If you want to set up sync on Chrome with any desktop OS, click on the Profile icon appearing at the top-right side of your screen. Then, tap on ‘Turn on Sync.’ If you have already signed into Chrome, then you’ll see your Google account here. The similar steps apply on an iPhone as well. 

Transfer Chrome Tabs from Phone to PC

With this method, you can quickly open it on your desktop computer whenever you find something great on your mobile phone. Start by leaving the tab open on your mobile device. In the meantime, you can also keep the other tabs open.

Now move onto your PC, and from the top-right corner of your Chrome homepage, click on the three dots. Now, click on History, and from the bottom of the history list, you will find your phone’s name, and all the tabs open in your smartphone. Click on either of those pages to visit them on your PC. The steps remain similar on both iPhone and Android smartphones.

Transfer Chrome Tabs from PC to Phone

Reversing the procedure is also easy. Start by opening your Chrome for Android or iPhone, and click on the three dots menu from the top-right side of your desktop screen. Now, click on Recent Tabs. From the bottom of the list of recent tabs, you’ll find all the open tabs on your computer. You only have to look for your PC’s name on the list. In case all the tabs on your PC are closed, you’ll find the details of those tabs on the history page as it is also synced. You have to check the History tab to access anything you need.

Transfer Firefox Tabs Between Your Gadgets

Syncing your Firefox account is similar to the steps involved in Google. Firefox Sync enables you to keep your browsing data synchronized, so if you regularly use the Firefox browser, it is better to keep it turned on. For synchronization, you have to install Firefox on both your PC and phone. On your computer, click on your profile picture from the top-right side and click on ‘Sign in to Firefox.’

After signing in, open Firefox on your Android or iOS smartphone. From the bottom right side, click on the three dots, and select Settings. Click on the ‘Turn on Sync’ button from the top. You can also choose to sign in with your Firefox account, or direct your PC’s browser to the Firefox Pair website and scan the code there.

Transfer Firefox Tabs from Phone to PC

To visit your mobile Firefox tabs on your PC, click on the three bars at the top-right and select Library. All the tabs open in your smartphone will appear here. Click on either of those webpages to open it on your desktop.

Transfer Firefox Tabs from PC to Phone

For this method, open Firefox on Your PC and click on your profile picture. Then, hover the mouse over ‘Send Tab to Device,’ and select your phone. From this section, you’ll find all the PC tabs on your screen. If you don’t see your tabs, then swipe down on your screen to force a sync and get access to the new tabs.

Whichever browser you are using, account synchronization will make your work easy. Since Google Chrome and Firefox are the two commonly used browsers, this guide covers the transfer methods for these two browsers only. 

source: Guide to Transfer Browser Tabs Between PC and Smartphone


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