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When you are sourcing your thread ring gauges and thread taps, you would be spending a lot of time to identify the best suppliers so that you get premium quality tools for your manufacturing units. You may get the finest quality thread gauges and thread taps but if you do not follow the correct storage procedures then your tools will be damaged fast and they will not serve you for as long as you need or like. Here are some important guidelines for storing your thread gauges and thread taps correctly.

You will be required to have a ready stock of Trapezoidal thread tap and thread ring gauges so that your production and your inspection processes are not stalled for the want of these tools. When you have readily available stock of these tools, you must store them in a dry place. They should not be exposed to constant moisture. These tools should also not be stored in hot places. Both extremes of heat and cold are not suitable. They should be stored in a place where moderate temperatures could be maintained. All these production and inspection tools must be carefully stored in their respective protective covers. If you do not store them in their protective covers then they could be easily damaged.

All the protective covers must be clearly marked so that the respective tools can go in to them. This is important for easy retrieval or else you will be required to remove every tool out of their protective covers to check their size and type. This will not only make the entire process inefficient and it could also damage the tools. You could easily avoid such mess ups by clearly marking the tools and their protective covers. Along with that, you must also ensure that every time the tool is removed from the protective cover for use the must be put back in the same sheaths. You must have a strict protocol on this.

Only designated people who are trained to use these tools must use them. Someone without adequate experience could easily damage the tool without knowing how to handle it. Ensure only the right people have access to this tool. The tool must be used only in the respective workstations. They should not be unnecessarily moved from one place to the other. The tools should not be dropped. If they are dropped you must recalibrate them or else the profile could be damaged and this in turn will affect the accuracy of the measurements.

Before storing the thread gauges and thread taps, they must be thoroughly cleaned. No oil or chemical deposits should be allowed on the tool. Similarly, before each use the tool must be cleaned too to avoid any residual metal deposits from the previous use damaging the components that are being tested or manufactured or the tools themselves. Only when you pay close attention to all these details you will be able to store the tools safely.




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