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Hackers can enter your router within a few minutes

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Hackers don't just target computers – Wi Fi routers and Cable modem can also be hacked. Due to the fact that router hackers can affect your entire Wi Fi network, they may be even more dangerous. Learn how to prevent router hacking attacks, what to do if your router is hacked, and how to scan your Wi Fi network for threats.

What exactly is a router hacker?

Router hackers refer to network criminals who control your router without your consent. Like other types of hacker attacks, Wi Fi hacker attacks rely on network criminals to overcome your security measures – usually your router's management password or unfixed vulnerabilities. Hackers have many tricks to successfully invade routers.

If you haven't set a strong router password, hackers can enter your router within a few minutes. Once they gain control, hackers can change your router settings, access your internet data, and even install malicious software on your router. These are all signs that you have been attacked by black hat hackers, not their more selfless white hat cousins.

How Router Hackers Work

Based on your router and the level of protection you provide, aspiring Wi Fi hackers can try one of several attack methods to disrupt the security of your router.

Use default login credentials: This is the easiest way to hack into someone else's router. If you have never changed the router's management password, anyone can simply log in with this information. Router hackers know the standard passwords for the most popular routers, and they will be happy to try these passwords on your Wi Fi network.

Exploiting firmware vulnerabilities: Firmware is the name of the built-in software that tells hardware devices (such as routers) how it should work. Software vulnerabilities are security vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit in an attack. If your router firmware has a vulnerability, router hackers can use it to access the management settings of your router. Regularly check the firmware updates on the router manufacturer's website and install any firmware you find.

Cracking your password: Changing your router password may not be enough to prevent hackers. By trying passwords one after another, hackers can keep guessing until they find your password. The simpler your password, the easier it becomes – so always create powerful and unique passwords for all your devices and accounts.

Still wondering if the router will be hacked? As long as there is sufficient time and resources, any device can be hacked. That's why effective network security means making hackers as difficult and time-consuming as possible.


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