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There is a complex and lucrative industry for content management systems that WordPress is a frontrunner on. With 34% of the market share alone, WordPress rules the realm of website CMS decisions. Just like even the most steadfast structures will need maintenance occasionally, so does WordPress to keep it performing at its best. The Digital Revolution has been in full swing since the inception of websites, and they are now as essential to our daily lives as indoor plumbing.

You might have various CMS to choose from. However, WordPress has proven its worth time and again. Additionally, it is FOSS (Free and Open Source Software). This means that the user can avail of most of its services without having to pay for them! One way to maintain your WordPress website maintenance is to ensure that it works properly before you initiate the maintenance service. When you are working with WordPress, the first thing you learn is that it is free and open-source software.

Web hosting generally means that whatever is uploaded online can be accessed from any point on the web, which would include both benevolent users and malicious individuals. To protect your website from individuals with ill intentions, it's important to make sure you frequently check your online security including using security software. Below we’ve listed a few steps for ensuring WordPress maintenance services:


Creating Back-up

A good rule of thumb to go by when performing WordPress website maintenance is to always prepare for the worst. This can be done by creating a backup of all data; you should create at least one, however, and store it in multiple places so that you don't lose all of your content or get your website compromised if something were to happen during this crucial time. 


Update All WordPress Files, Theme, and Plug-in

Just as a human body needs more than just one diet in order to stay healthy, a WordPress website needs technological upgrades and updates in order to be functional at its core. All websites need to be kept up-to-date with the latest version of WordPress in order to thrive on the web.


Removal of Unwanted Elements

To empower community interaction, WordPress comes with a built-in comment system that is easily customizable. If you are not happy with the comments you are receiving or if you feel that it is spam, you can activate plug-ins to help remove spam from your website to help maintain a healthy blogging environment. 


Image Optimization

“Larger the Image resolution- slower the website”

Image placement is a very important basis when it comes to website speed. Not every image can be used on your website, ensure that your image is website worthy, it must be optimized to suit the needs. 


Fixing 404 Errors

A 404 Error means the page could be temporarily unavailable. This could be due to a number of reasons including a mistyped URL address or there being a miscommunication between the browser and server. 



Security during WordPress maintenance services, we can go through this basic steps for the security of the website like as below-

  • Change Default Admin detail of ‘wp-admin’ to another.
  • Set Strong Password of WP admin and change it periodically
  • Remove the Default Prefix of the WP site and change it to another.
  • Add Spam security plugins or add captcha in every Form.


All of the above steps are basic security steps. However, more powerful and useful plugins have been launched. As per my suggestion, you can use an All in one Security Plugin for any type of site smaller or bigger.



WordPress is an efficient CMS that must be maintained at regular intervals to ensure the smooth functioning of a website. As above were some tips and tricks for maintaining a WordPress website. As a WordPress developer, consider this as a reminder to check your WordPress websites for updates and maintenance.

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