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It is natural to get confused with so many hair products out there. While many do not know which hair product they should include in their lifestyle, most use some, but incorrectly. According to Jason Bigg of Babe of Brooklyn, one of the reliable experts at Apothecary & Barbershop Brooklyn, men should understand what type of hair product to use, and how to use it effectively for maximum effect. And one of the products that you can use as a weapon is pomade.”

Let's Start With What Is Pomade:

Often taken as a relatively new hair product, it has been in the realm of fashion for quite a long century. It was in the 18th or 19th century when pomade came to be. Although during that period, it only consisted of bear fat.

However, it is now generally made using a combination of beeswax and oil. Because of this specifically made condition, giving your hair a natural look has become easier. In addition, you can style your hair using a pomade bought from Babe Of Brooklyn while promoting good hair and scalp health.

In addition to that, the typical pomade comes in various variants. These include water-based, clay, fiber, and gel-based. Each variant is generated keeping in mind a specific effect. Nonetheless, these pomades promote healthy hair growth and healthy scalp conditions.

Give Your Hair A Fresh Breath Of Air:

Now that you know what pomade is, and now it has come to be, let us share with you some common hairstyles that you can manage to accomplish using it.

  • Quiff

If you thought that the quiff was gone, think again because it is likely here to stay. This variation of quiff can be pulled off by you taking the hair above the forehead, similar to the pompadour look. You can take it back or to the side as well. Generally, this means that the hair on the top of your head will be long while the sides will be short.

  • Messy/Bedhead

We can all associate the messy bed head hairstyle with a low-effort hairstyle, but achieving it naturally is tough. However, all you need is some pomade and effort to achieve the messy bedhead look.

You can opt for wax-based pomade. Take some of it on the rip of your fingers and dehumidify it. Now, run your fingers to style your hair. Tussle it into the perfect messy look.

  • The Faux Hawk

No style is as persistent as the faux hawk. We all know how it has been in the fashion realm for ages, and it will stay. This hairstyle comes in many shapes, and the flexibility of this in terms of styling gives one the freedom to do it as one desires.

Although the mohawk of the old-time is very different, it is a hairstyle that has stood the test of time in a better way. To style it, you have to have off-centered voluminous hair. Take a bit of pomade in your hand and apply it to dry hair. Use your fingers simultaneously to bring the hair up and to the side.

Ending note:

So, there you have it. Now you know how to style your hair in three major methods, purchase Handmade hair pomade Brooklyn. We are sure you will find the right pomade that works for you.


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