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Obviously, the hair transplant procedure is the primary treatment aimed at restoring the hair loss for the people suffering from the male pattern baldness.

There is no other alternative treatment to get back your original hair with such a precision. Since the procedure includes transferring the hair roots from the donor area which usually has rich hair growth, to the recipient area site which lacks the potent hair cover. The process is pain less with no other side effects or post-surgical adversities, with excellent results if performed by a experienced & skilful surgeon.

How Hair Transplant is the Permanent solution is described below in the given points to encourage your grasp are as follows:-

Hair from the Permanent Area

In the procedure of hair transplant, whether the technique is an FUT hair transplant or an FUE hair transplant, the hair follicles are extracted from the safe donor portion usually from the back and sides of the scalp are of a permanent nature as these hair roots are DHT resistant and there is no effect of androgen hormone that causes the hair fall. The thing which I must mention that, if the technique is FUT then the chances of life longer hair is more possible, rather than an FUE technique because in the FUE procedure the surgeon is bound to target the unsafe area also as the extraction involves the dynamic punching needs the aesthetic distance for next punching that automatically reduce the donor portion harvesting. If the procedure is the FUT hair transplant, then you can assure about your long lasting result of the sustainable hair roots on your recipient area.

The Implanted hair is your own hair

Since the transplantation of hair involves the shifting and implanting your own hair back from your scalp results in the natural effect that don’t need extra care and consciousness while walking, swimming and running and you keep styling as you like is the most positive aspect of the hair transplant procedure. The hair restoration procedure is a wholly natural cosmetic procedure that enhances your look and personality without any side effects and discomfort. So, there is no need to say that transplanted hair is permanent. Of course is natural and a permanent solution for your baldness problem.

Important Point should be Noted!

You must be aware of this fact that, just after 1 month of the hair transplant procedure, there may be the start of hair fall problem that is actually a transition stage and can be continued for next 2 months. So; don’t be panic as it will regrow again that is the sign of your re-growing hair and no need to take any supplements or medicine to control it. Let the hair fall and after completion of about 3 months, you will get your regrown natural hair back as the most desirable result of the hair transplant procedure.

Points to be considered before going to get the hair transplant procedure is jotted down below:-

1.  Is your Surgeon having both the physician as well as the surgical knowledge and the degrees

2.  Is your clinic is standard and a recognized one equipped with the modern and cutting edge technology

3.  Is your surgeon possessed the remarkable results with your patient and has the record of their patient list in terms of their satisfactory results with photos and all contact details

4. Is your surgeon giving the careful attention on your queries and do the proper check-up with sort out all your queries through pre-procedure consultation?

5. How they put cost and how they elaborate their cost of hair transplant, etc.


 Summarizing all, we can say that the hair transplant, of course, is a permanent solution, but you must concern and conscious while choosing the best hair transplant centre that assures you about the best possible outcomes. In the context of cost, the cost of hair transplant in Rajasthan is all depended upon the number of the usable graft as well as the recognition of a surgeon and the reputation of the particular clinic.


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