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Does your kitty sometimes get hairballs? These are no more fun for your pet than they are for you. Hairballs are an unfortunate side effect of kitties' grooming habits. Cats inevitably swallow some of their own fur when cleaning themselves. They can't really digest their own fur very well, so they expel it in hairball form.

Any cat can get hairballs, and most, if not all, will get them at some point. However, frequent hairballs are not normal. Hairballs do sometimes form intestinal blockages, which can be quite dangerous.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent or at least reduce hairballs. Brushing your kitty daily will help, as you will capture that fur in a brush before she swallows it. A good diet is also important, as it will reduce the amount of dead fur your cat has.

If your pet is getting hairballs, ask your animal hospital Burlington, ON to recommend a good hairball remedy.


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