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What is alopecia and alopecia treatment?

Alopecia is among the most common autoimmune disorder that always leads to unpredictable hair loss on the head of the victim. The research that was conducted recently depicted that roughly 6.8 million people in the United States and 147 people worldwide suffer from this condition. When one is suffering from alopecia, the hair usually falls out in small patches around the size of a quarter. The alopecia could spread faster without early treatment, affecting a wider scalp area. So when one starts having this disease, it calls for immediate treatment to prevent further spread of the hair loss in the head, resulting in a condition called alopecia totalis, and when it spreads to the entire body, it becomes alopecia Universalis. Also, it is crucial to note that this condition can affect anyone regardless of their gender, age, race, or ethnicity though in most cases, it happens to people who have not attained 30 years of age. Therefore, in this article, we shall look at its causes, treatment, and wigs for alopecia. 

Causes of alopecia 

Losing hair is a common thing, and based on some research, it has indicated that normal people usually lose 50 to 100 hair daily. However, this is unnoticed because new hair keeps on growing at the same time at the same rate, and people start experiencing hair loss when the new hair fails to replace the fallen out hair. There are so many instances that could cause this condition called alopecia to emanate, and some of them are:

  • Family historythis is where hair loss is hereditary and normally happen due to aging factor. This normally happens gradually, but their pattern of occurrence is easily predictable. 
  • Hormonal changes and medical conditionsnumerous conditions could result in either temporary or permanent hair loss; some of them could be pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause, among other factors. This usually causes patchy hair loss and scalp infections like ringworms. 
  • Medication and supplementssome drugs that one uses and experience hair loss as a side effect. 
  • Hairstyle and treatmentthis normally happens when it is done excessively 

Signs and symptoms of alopecia   

There are many ways in which one can experience hair loss. Besides, it could come in two formats, affecting your head only or the entire body. However, various signs and symptoms might notify you are experiencing alopecia

When your head starts experiencing gradual thinning on top, this has been termed as the most common type of hair loss that normally comes to people as they age. The men will start experiencing reduced hair at the forehead hairline, while women will start having a broadening of the part in the hair. Although older women experience increased hair loss, it causes a receding hairline. 

Another sign that you could be experiencing alopecia is having a circular or patchy bald sports. This is also a common gesture to some people since they lose hair in circular bald sport on their scalp though it can also happen on the eyebrows. Furthermore, this can result in the victim having itchy or painful skin before the hair falls out. 

The other instance that one could be experiencing alopecia is when they experience sudden loosening of hair. This could result from physical or emotional shock, which could cause a handful of hair to be plucked when one is combing their hair, washing it, or gently tugging. Besides, this is always temporary; however, it causes overall hair thinning. 

Full body hair loss normally arises due to medical treatment conditions like cancer. Although in this, the hair always grows back after the victim starts regaining their good health condition. Furthermore, another awful course could be patches that spread over the scalp, which in most cases could be a sign of ringworm. This is unhealthy since it causes broken hair, redness, and swellings.   

Alopecia treatment

It is important to note that there is no common treatment plan that works for everyone with alopecia, but others are more effective for some people and less effective for others. Besides, it depends on several factors like the victim's age, the extent of their hair loss, and the type of alopecia you are experiencing. However, most treatment plans work based on blocking the immune system attack while stimulating the regrowth of hair. This treatment plan has been very effective for people experiencing mild hair loss. Also, other oral and tropical medications have been effective in restoring hair loss. 

Wigs for alopecia

Since there is no one general treatment for alopecia and some treatments could not be very effective for some people, they can always opt for wigs. Numerous wonderful wigs have been designed specifically for people suffering from alopecia. However, it is also important to note that this condition does not interfere with one's physical health, but the emotional and psychological torture could torment you, and that's why wigs are more recommendable. Thus wearing wigs could help you increase your self-esteem and confidence even while walking in a crowded place without feeling judged. Besides, these wigs are comfortable and have a natural appearance; thus, no one will notice you have artificial hair, which will help enhance your beauty. 

Therefore, you can opt to try the monofilament wigs, which are vital for protecting sensitive scalps and have also been designed for people experiencing severe hair loss. Another great alternative is the lace front wig, which has a natural-looking construction. It is also suitable for people experiencing total hair loss due to alopecia conditions. If that doesn't suit your demands, you can opt for hand-tied wigs, which are the most natural ones, thus ideal for anyone experiencing total hair loss. Furthermore, it is suitable for people with sensitive scalps since it does not irritate them. 


Even though there is no specific treatment for this hair loss condition, there is numerous new possibilities treatment plan that may offer hope to the people suffering from alopecia. However, recent statistics show that only 10% of people with alopecia can recover fully from the condition, and that's why wigs are there to restore dignity to the people experiencing total hair loss. Therefore, you can find the best wig that suits your demands and does not cause irritation on your scalp to cover up your baldness. 



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