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Hands-only and Rescue Breathing in CPR Certification in Riverside CA Prevent Death

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The incidents related to sudden cardiac arrest have become common in different areas of the United States. The biggest problem is that about 35,000 SCA incidents take place out of the hospital in one year. Besides, 70 percent of cardiac arrest or heart failure occurs at home. Another issue is that many SCA victims do not have any known heart problems or related risk factors.


However, the question is how we can save the life of an SCA victim when the emergency medical facility is at a distance from the incident's spot. Here comes the role of First Aid Kit Riverside CA, associated with cardiopulmonary resuscitation. 

Overview of CPR


Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or BLS Riverside CA, refers to an emergency process to combines chest compressions with artificial ventilation. Accordingly, the technique can preserve the brain function of an SCA victim until medical facilities arrive to take further action. When you get training and certification in CPR or PALS Riverside CA, you may restore breathing and spontaneous blood circulation of cardiac arrest patients.


Hands-only Technique in CPR


Bystanders, who have CPR Classes Near Me Riverside CA, may handle SCA victims by applying a hands-only technique. Experts push hard in the center of the patient’s chest to impart chest compressions with minimum interruptions. Simultaneously, bystanders trigger the emergency medical system in no time.


One should keep in mind that high-quality chest compression is the key to saving the life of an SCA patient. Hands-only CPT survives a heart attack patient for up to 3 minutes to 5 minutes. The duration is enough for the arrival of an emergency medical service.  


Rescue Breathing in CPR 


Whenever you attend CPR Classes Riverside CA, you will learn a common technique referred to as rescue breathing. One can perform Rescue breathing if a person stops his breathing due to a heart problem. The technique also follows the compression of the chest when a person's heart fails to beat. According to the American Heart Association Riverside CA, rescue breathing is applicable in the following critical situations-

·        Poisoning or overdose 

·        Near drowning 

·        Choking 

·        Poisoning from carbon monoxide 

·        Asthma attack in its severe form 


Breathing into the lungs of SCA victims lets you supply the deprived oxygen to save their life. However, CPR-certified bystanders have to do so quickly, as brain damage may occur within only 3 minutes due to failure in oxygen supply.


According to the experts providing BLS Certification Riverside CA, a person imparting rescue breathing must focus on quality first. Accordingly, the lifesaver should give one breath after every 6 seconds to 8 seconds. Moreover, each breath must be of one second for administration.


Knowledge of rescue breathing is also essential for all healthcare professionals who want to pursue ACLS Riverside CA. Moreover, a few institutes also provide a special course on infant and child rescue breathing to let lifesavers prevent the death of newborns from heart disease.


Overall, the CPR program allows you to learn rescue breathing and hands-only CPR technique to save the life of people until the arrival of medical professionals.  


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