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Harden was required to give the ball

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Harden's ability to 2k23 mt break out during this game is inextricably linked to the penalty scale of the referee and the feeling of a three-pointers. If the standard for penalty determination is in Harden's favor, he can take this opportunity to create a lot of fouls and get free throws. With the hot 3-pointer, Harden could score high scores.

Harden in transitionEveryone knows about the fact James Harden is a good player, but after leaving the Rockets His status has been declining gradually, until now , with the 76ers. Most of the time, Harden is more of an organisation. However, he was unable to take on the challenge and win the game for the team at a critical moment, which is why he was ridiculed by fans and the media a lot. According to Harden's personal opinion it's a process that must be experienced in the process of transformation. Harden has put aside the use of the ball to help win the championship, and is willing to play the role as a link between teams' offense. When the group uses Harden as their core tactical player, Harden's possession reaches 35%. But in the 76ers, the heart of the team lies with Embiid.At that time, when they were the Nets the strategic core that the players were Durant as well as Irving.

Harden was required to give the ball over to the two attackers, Irving or Durant, at the appropriate time, or score on his own and go to the 76ers. Following that. Harden continued to carry out the role of connecting the offense of the team. From the point of view of this game, the capacity to pass the ball out of to the other side of the circle, as well as the ability to locate other teammates amongst the players are fantastic, which will lead to The more teammates score the one who is benefited largest is Maxi. Maxi doesn't need to worry about situations on the courts. Simply pay attention to when Harden transfers the ball back to him, and then shoots. This type of play isn't a problem during games during the season but it will not work in the playoffs, which are extremely competitive. Under the tight defense of the opposition The team must be able to score more scoring points in Buy 2k23 mt order to win.




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