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Harry Potter Invitations Ideas For Your Next Birthday

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Harry porter themed party is one of the best parties you can have. It is pretty fun and enchanting, and it is the best thing that you can have. The party requires a lot of planning and preparation from your end, but it is worth doing. Listed below are some of the ideas for Harry Potter birthday invitations.

 Consider Making Magic Wand

Every party needs a particular thing that can instantly set the party's tune. Consider making a magic wand. A harry potter themed party without a magic wand is quite strange. You can gather small sticks from the park for making magic wands. After that, you can use a glue gun to include decorative patterns on the bars. Finally, you can spray paint after the glue has completely dried. You can use any color you want but try using those colors that match the party's theme. Initially, you start with gold; however, brown also works well. You can also plan to add a little gem.

Bingo Sheets

A party without delicious food is bland. So, you can add a blend of food buffets to the table. This means that kids can eat whatever they like. Generally, most people are fond of buffet-style parties, particularly the fussy eaters. You can turn the table into a banquet-style like the excellent dining table in Hogwarts. You can also consider adding wizard hats, watches and school ties on the back of the chairs. They will feel fun while eating.

Harry Potter Party Invitations

On a particular day, you can set the scene. For example, the front door says wizards welcome. This can be hand-drawn with a pencil. After you are satisfied, you can add details. The die-hard fans of harry porter can relate to this.

Have A Little Photo Shoot?

Before escorting the kids to the platform, you can have a little photo shoot in front of the famous platform no 9 3/4. You can create the brick wall with sponges with deep paint and print it on brown packaging paper. You can make the portrayal of the platform with the help of a sharpie. You can keep the portrait in the bedroom. You can collect the old trunk from your parents and plant a plush owl in the cage. You can request your friends to wear cloaks and witches' hats. Again, this is an effective way to set the mood of the party, and it will cost you nothing.

Harry Potter Party-Themed Accessories And Contents

Here are a few ideas for a porter harry themed party. Every project view is planned strategically, where most of the details are handmade. These  Harry Potter invitations party ideas can help you organize a great party without spending much. It is one of the things that kids will remember for some time.

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