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Putting aside all the obvious gags about how scary it can be to simply run a business these days, Halloween can be a genuinely great time of year to target some customers who might not have previously purchased from your business or store (as well as, of course, tempt back past shoppers). 


In fact, did you know that estimated Halloween spending in the UK has steadily climbed over the years, from £230 million in 2013, to what is expected to be north of £770 million in 2023? 

That’s a lot of money your business could capture a share of, by adopting savvy approaches to its Halloween positioning and marketing. So, let’s take a look at some of the things you could do. 


Offer your customers a ‘trick or treat’ 


Almost anyone who is even vaguely familiar with Halloween knows about “trick or treating”. So, why not incorporate it into your business’s Halloween marketing efforts in some way? 

One thing you could do if you operate an ecommerce store, for example, is have a pop-up that greets your customers as soon as they land on your site. 


You could make a bit of a game of it, by asking the visitor whether they want a trick or a treat this Halloween. If one of the options turns out to be a discount, and the other is free delivery, the customer really will “win”, whichever one they choose. 


Incorporate subtle Halloween colours across your store, website, and even packaging 


Not everything that you could do to make your business visibly “Halloween-ready” needs to be overt. After all, there are only so many pumpkins you can put in your shop window, and only so many times you can play “Thriller” or “Ghostbusters” while customers are browsing your wares at your brick-and-mortar outlet. 


Halloween colours are a case in point; hues like bright red (for blood) or orange (for pumpkin) can be added as mere accents to such things as your store’s website design and window displays, to evoke an understated, but undeniable “sense of dread” (as Super Hans from Peep Show might say). 


As part of all that, why not help yourself to a few different colour options from our recently launched Halloween 2023 collection of hamper craft tissue? 


Our shredded paper can be used for hampers, of course, but it can also be used as an alternative protective packaging to bubble wrap or tissue paper. Not only is our shredded paper better-looking than such alternatives with the likes of red straight cut and pumpkin mix zig-zag options available, but it is also likely to be tougher and more environmentally friendly (and if there’s one thing we really should be getting scared about in the 2020s, it is the intensifying climate crisis). 

Plus, the Halloween colours of our shredded papers are subtle enough to allow for any remaining hamper craft tissue to be used for other purposes long after this year’s spooky goings-on are over.

Use video marketing to draw attention to your scarily good Halloween sales 


If there isn’t a definite sense of fun to your Halloween marketing in 2023, why are you even bothering? And as you read this, you might already be thinking of what Halloween makeup and costumes you, your family, and/or colleagues will be donning for all the themed parties and other social occasions this October. 


And if you’re going to go to that kind of effort, well, you might as well extract further benefit from it in the form of some compelling visual promotions. 


Video marketing, for instance, generates a lot of fuss these days, as well as sales and revenue – 92% of marketers responding to one recent survey said they got a good return on investment (ROI) from video content in 2023, which was even higher than the 87% recorded in 2022. 


It could be a great idea, then, for your business to start recording some video of your Halloween costumes, decorations, or even relevant products, so that you can start building up the hype ahead of 31st October. 


Keep the videos short – only up to 15 seconds – and keep your message simple. This way, viewers will be able to easily watch right through without losing interest, and will be more likely to consider actually buying from your store this Halloween. 


There you go – just some ideas to help ensure your business is nicely prepared for Halloween in 2023, no matter how terrifying every other aspect of running your store turns out to be this year. And don’t forget the free standard delivery we offer to most UK mainland postcodes, which will help make your firm’s bottom line a slightly less scary sight, too. 



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