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Avocado is a popular add-on to almost every meal nowadays. Be it smoothies, shakes, guacamole, or even burgers, avocados are currently an organic product whose deals have soar throughout the course of recent years. Hass avocados are a name you could have run over a couple of times and keeping in mind that you could believe they're very much like some other avocados, they have unmistakable elements that make them unique.

Hass avocados are harvested and grown widely in Mexico and are shipped to different parts of the world. They are a great source of protein which is why they are a great meat substitute. Mostly served raw, this fruit has a distinctive taste that can elevate any food that it is added to. Hass avocados can also be cooked without tasting bitter, unlike other varieties that are almost inedible when heat touches them.


We can help you source fresh and organic Hass avocados

The biggest difference between regular avocados and Hass avocados is that they are much higher in good fat which gives them a much creamier texture. They are also known as superfoods because of all their nutritional content. They are packed with anti-aging, rich antioxidants, and many different vitamins and minerals. Hass avocados make a very tasty addition to any dish while providing loads of nutrition.

This delicious fruit is now being included in diets all over the world and distributors and wholesalers are always on the lookout for a reliable exporter that can meet their demands. MCCORFRESH is one such company that helps wholesalers and distributors get their hands on fresh Hass avocados that are directly imported from Mexico. Hass avocados have a very distinctive taste that is slightly nutty and very creamy.


It is a flavor that can be further elevated with salt, sugar, pepper, and many other seasonings. Sometimes, they might have a more dense flavor and they have got a smooth creamy texture that is pleasing to your taste. Avocados are highly nutritional and are packed with fiber, healthy fats, and many more beneficial things. Many of the average person's diet miss out on the nutritional contents that avocados can provide.


Just one serving provides a load of nutritional content which is why it is popularly being included in a majority of diets today. Most avocados that are found in restaurants and other eateries today are Hass avocados. This delicious, creamy fruit is exported to the United States, Europe, and Japan through land, air, and sea in different presentations according to the preferences of our customers at MCCORFRESH.

MCCORFRESH is the biggest exporter of Hass avocados!


We are currently a leading exporter of various fresh fruits and vegetables around the globe which include dragon fruits, papayas, watermelons, mangos, Hass avocados, and Persian limes. Our Hass avocados are directly sourced from farmers in Mexico which is why they are available all year round. From the day the tree is planted to the day the product is packed and shipped, we look over each step to ensure the highest quality of produce.


We take special care of wholesalers and merchants around the world. As of now, MCCORFRESH has a huge presence as a main exporter that commodities to the United States, Europe, and Japan through the land, air, and ocean. Our acquirement group assists our clients with getting their hands on delightful avocados whenever of the year.

Our maintainable acquisition processes assist us with guaranteeing that every item is gathered with great agrarian practices requested by the global business sectors, we can guarantee that our organic product is protected and dependable. At MCCORFESH, we focus on conveying only the freshest conceivable produce from our cultivator's tree to our clients. Get in touch with us today to dive more deeply into the leafy foods we export.


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