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Head-Turning Braid Hairstyles 

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 Head-Turning Braid Hairstyles 

Braided hairstyles with black ponytail extension are endless. Many braids are available. Here are 25 of the year's most popular braid hairstyles. Each will boost your style. Only choose which to test first. 

Elegant Half-Up Ponytail 

Half-up with a high, curled ponytail is lovely. The top is braided, with a few twists around the pony base for glam. 


Spring and summer require bun hairstyles. Why not combine two popular hairstyles? Thinner and thicker braids make this style gorgeous. This can be done in many methods and thicknesses. 

Burgundy braids 

Wintertime! Why not add colour to your braids? Burgundy is great. Burgundy braids work throughout spring and summer. If coloured braids aren't your thing, try another colour. Any colour works with this style. 

Braided ponytail 

Next, a cornrow ponytail. Why are cornrow braids so popular? These are growing feed-in cornrows. This gives the ponytail a spring/summer vibe. Add cuffs, cords, or both to your braids. 

Feed with cornrows 

The next choice shows that braids are art. Add hair accessories to braids for this style. Braid cuffs are a stylish hair accessory. Gold cuffs accent long strands. You can add any colour you like. 

Half-up, half-down braids 

Half-up, half-down hairstyles are popular. It's a beautiful spring/summer style. This look is great since you can leave your braids dangling. Because they're long, probably. 

Blue ombre cornrows 

Here's another cornrow style. This style features thicker, longer cornrows. These aren't pulled into a ponytail. It's a stylish style for any woman. This is a spring/summer look. Play with colours and styles. 

Braid Bun 

We included a high bun because it's our go-to hairstyle. Combining braids and buns is a trendy hairstyle. We love the back braid and beautiful, silky hair. YouTube has many instructions for this hairstyle. 

Tribal braids 

This is for trend-setters. It's braided with thick and thin braids. This look is one we enjoy. This bold accessory will set you apart. Gold hair cuffs make protective styling fun. 

Bob Ombre Braids 

Bob braids are easy to maintain. They won't hurt your head as much, but they're still stylish. These braids are faster and cheaper to make. A braided bob can't fail. 



You can wear braids while hiding them. High ponytail with little headband (or a big one that you can cut in half). A few braids or a scarf can hide the ponytail's base. 

Blonde braided ponytail 

Wear a braided ponytail. This time, it's a muscular blonde. This colour adds a unique twist to your attire. It's hip and edgy, and young women will love it. 

Braided curly ponytail 

Long curly weave and tiny and huge cornrows give your ponytail volume. High ponytails are trendy right now. 

Triangle-shaped braids 

Want a fresh hairstyle? We recommend triangle box braids. When done right, big triangle braids are beautiful. 

Butterfly Braid 

This butterfly braid isn't time-consuming. Gold or silver cords complete butterfly braids. This is a stunning, elegant style. 


Next hairstyle is art! It's intricate, with thick side strands. This style is stunning. It's an attention-getter! 

Tribal beaded braids 

Tribal braids are one technique to style weaved braids. Tribal braids are popular this season. Adding beads to this hairstyle makes it great for spring and summer. 

Half-up cornrows 

Combining braids with weaves is popular. Cuffs and braided cords add colour and glitter to an outfit. 

Chunky side braids 

If you're bored with traditional braids, consider thick side braids. This summer's cutest hairstyle is side braids. 

Two braids 

Two cornrow braids with a long, curly weave make a lovely haircut. It's cute, simple, and elegant. 



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