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Good Sleeping Position:- Sleeping is the favorite of all living beings and an important activity of life. But no one considers its correct position and body posture. However, it seems comfortable and pleasurable at that time but calls for many ailments and body aches. The most influential area of ​​the body is our heart and our sleep affects our heart to a great extent. So we should take great care of our sleeping position as it is an essential part of our regular activity and life.

According to Ayurveda 8 hours of sleep is very important for the human body, but if this sleep is taken in any wrong position then it can have very dangerous health consequences like body pain, back pain, joint pain, stress, anxiety, lack of concentration, and heart problems. But there are many good sleeping positions suggested by Ayurveda, by following which we are saved from all these problems as well as can get many other health benefits.

Let’s Know About The Some Best Sleeping Position for Good Health

Fetal Sleeping Position:

This position allows you lay on the side with the bent in the legs up to the chest. It is best to follow during the pregnancy and back pain. The people with the issue of snoring can get relief. It may help in heartburn, deep sleeping, and heart functionality. A pillow between the knees doubles the effect.

Side Sleeping Position:

This is somehow similar to the first one. The only difference is that the legs are not bending to the body. The position is very beneficial for the people. It not only reduces the snoring but manages the digestion as well. Its best benefits cure heartburn and help to avoid the chances of body and joint pain effectively. But we need to change the sides as it can cause jaw tightness if sleep only on one side. The pillow here between the legs can reduce the chances of low back pain.

Lying on the back:

Resting on the back is most comfortable and beneficial for the health. The posture keeps the spine right and protects it. People with hip and knee pain can get long-term relief if they stay in this position for most of the sleeping time. A pillow behind the knees helps to make a natural curve of the back that helps to reduce knee pain. Sleep with stomach lying, it refreshes the skin and keeps it free from wrinkles. But people with upper back pain avoid it and lay on the sides.

The right shoulder position:

The shoulder position is right when we sleep on the back. The arms stay stress-free and down close to the body. But it is sad to say that only 8% of people follow this position in the world. The posture leads to a restful night.

Log situation:

in this position, the body follows the same side posture but without the curve. The arms are down next to the bodies. It is like a log position. This position prevents snoring effectively. It is highly recommended to those who have arthritis and unbearable pain due to it.

Yearner :

This is the same as previous but arms are outstretched in front of the body. It works as a joint pain relief oil to get relief from joint pain and other body pains. There are 13% of people in the world who follow this sleeping position for the best rest. It is very beneficial for the mind as well.

How do the different sleeping positions affect heart health?

Most of us hardly take the sleeping position seriously, but one poster for the whole night is very important to recognize. It is very essential for the betterment of overall health.

The human heart is the most effective area for sleeping ways. So we should take some time and consider this fact seriously. If there is any heart-related issue it is better to sleep on the left side. Some of the situations are very dangerous for heart health so we should know about these and try to avoid following their practice.

Left side sleep for the heart:

According to the study, one position for the whole night is not good. Though, we are in deep sleep and not possible to change it so we should sleep in the right position from the beginning. The left side of sleep affects the heart by putting more pressure on it. The electrical activities get the changes. According to a study left side provides a noticeable effect on the heart. It can be the reason for heart shift and change. This movement of the heart can bring chest pain that sometimes remains all day long.

Right side effect on the heart:

The right side is very beneficial for heart health. There is no change in the ECG activity and replacement of the heart condition. It gives no stress to the heart. But people with heart illness feel comfortable sleeping on the left side.


Sleeping in the wrong position can cause several health issues including body pain, back pain, joint pain, and heart problems. This is the reason why we should consider this seriously and choose the right position to sleep in. The right position will always help to gain complete comfort whereas wrong positions always cause restlessness and sleeplessness.



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