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Health and Wellness Market: Emerging Economies Expected to Influence Growth by 2026

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We often use the phrase “Health is Wealth”, but do we really know its meaning? Health must be the first priority for every human being. However, in our quest for running after wealth, we usually ignore our health. We need to understand that when we lack good health, everything else in life is impacted. So, let’s first understand what health actually means. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “Health is the complete state of both physical, mental, as well as social well-being.” Often people use terms health and wellness as synonyms. However, there lies a basic difference. For instance, if we consider health the goal, then wellness is the agile process of achieving it. Wellness can simply be defined as a positive approach to living life.


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People having sedentary jobs often complain about chronic health disorders, back pain, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, anxiety, and many others. People engaged in desk jobs have to start taking care of their health at an early stage. The absence of physical activities, monotonous lifestyle, work pressure, are vital reasons for consequent mental health issues like depression and anxiety. It is advised to keep your body free from medication until it is inevitable. Dependance on medicines may lead to hormonal imbalance, which is also the reason behind depression and anxiety. Nowadays, the percentage of mental disorders is increasing as compared to physical disorders. A major reason for the growth in compromise of mental well-being is the lifestyle we lead.


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Following are some simple techniques and tips for a better lifestyle:

1.Proper Diet and Nutrition

  • A fit body and good health are a result of the combination of physical activity and nutritious diet.
  • Always try to eat home-cooked food, with a solid intake of greens, proteins, and carbohydrates in an adequate amount.
  • Try to find a better alternative to your hunger instead of eating junk food or packaged/processed food.
  • Start your day with great breakfast options that will fuel your day with energy to think fast and clear and keep your body active throughout the day.
  • Always try to fill your stomach 80% and leave 20% for water intake. This helps you enhance your metabolism.


2.Physical Exercise

  • Exercises are important and helpful to prevent health problems like heart diseases, diabetes, anxiety, and many others.
  • As per doctors, for a healthy human body, the more steps you take per day, the better will be your health. It is suggested that a fit human body can take at least 10,000 steps per day. So, walking should be part of our daily life.
  • For an active lifestyle, you have to limit your screen time. Choose other options like playing outside, reading books, and playing board games in a group.
  • While you are in the office, use lunch breaks to walk after having food. On weekends, engage in activities like washing your cars or bikes and play some outdoor games with kids.
  • For mental health, engage in yoga at least for half an hour daily. Yoga helps to increase certain hormones like dopamine, oxytocin, and others that help you get relief from depression and anxiety and stimulate stress response systems too.


3.Follow a Hobby or Pursue Your Passion

  • Passions and hobbies are proven stress busters. When you start doing what you love, it introduces excitement into your otherwise monotonous routine life. When you feel happy doing something your mental health also automatically responds better and gives a positive outlook.
  • Try things that you haven’t done before. Take holidays and go out for things like skydiving, swimming, bungee jumping, water sports, and many more.
  • Dance, music, art are some great ideas to keep yourselves engaged and productive.


Health and Wellness Market

In recent years, the health and wellness market has been growing rapidly due to chronic lifestyle diseases across the globe.  Nowadays, there are mentors who are providing health and wellness courses to make people’s lives better. These courses are helping people to combat their mental and physical problems. Mentors here, are helping individuals by providing charts of choosing the right food in the right amount and providing some easy exercises to do every day for weight management. Due to Covid-19, these health activities are carried out virtually and online classes help people to develop immunity and stay fit during this period topo. Mobile applications, like HealthifyMe, enable individuals to get their personal mentor and act as growth factors in the healthcare market.


Secondly, sedentary lifestyles and hectic schedules have increased the occurrence of diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, stress disorders, anxiety, depression, heart problems. These have encouraged the masses to adopt several healthcare activities. Furthermore, there are emerging trends of using wearable devices, like fitness bands, trackers which are some key components for driving the market. In addition, the expeditious growth of wellness tourism and some mineral spas sectors are also the major factors for the growth of the market.


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