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In an upcoming era, The organization is looking up for data privacy, hospitals looking to move to the cloud of the Patient Engagement, there is no way better than cloud healthcare solution. If data gets compromised, it's gone forever. It does help with the enterprise being more fragile, spending less on the IT, and developing time reducing applications for the use. Cloud-based solutions are way more secure than the local's servers. We can use it as a process to complete tasks in minutes. Since cloud computing automates the virtualization process, it is being streamlined and shortened. Cloud technology helps us to connect hundreds of clinicians using an IBM cloud-based social business that provides collaboration services to a global network of Healthcare software development.



Healthcare cloud solutions are very secure since they are updated with the latest security measures and patches, providing a high level of security. This is way important and should be Proactively monitored 24/7. Healthcare Cloud computing helps with the streamlined, collaborative patient care helping the fetching records of patients in no time. Also, it helps with advanced medical research. It can help in more efficient and personalized care. 


The Health automation domain in countries like the US has started utilizing mobile computing and healthcare software development and Cloud Computing. A huge amount of data is saved and processes in patient digital data called Medical records management. 

The Medical records management has images of the patients which is very sensitive driven and of are a security concern. It also includes Scanned images/reports, X-rays, etc. The quality of treatment depends on the Patient engagement at every visit of the hospital. Cost of storage, quality, treatment reduce the cost of Healthcare Cloud Computing when used in healthcare sectors. Patient’s Privacy can’t be trusted yet on cloud infrastructure. 


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