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If you bought your first hearing aids, you will not be able to use them right away during the day. You will put the devices on. But you will soon feel discomfort and sometimes headaches. Medical devices are not to blame for this. Today you will find hundreds of hearing aids for sale on the market from different manufacturers. But any model will cause discomfort when worn for a long time. This is true for patients who are just starting to use hearing aids. This is normal. Once you get past the adjustment period, you will be able to enjoy your medical devices to the fullest throughout the day!

Why does this happen?

The reason is a peculiarity of our brain. The brain always adapts to new conditions. Did your hearing gradually deteriorate? Your brain was changing how it works under new conditions. Then suddenly. You put on hearing aids and you change it again, drastically. Of course, your brain starts to tire and rearrange itself. That's the adjustment period. This is the time, during which the brain rewires itself to properly process external sounds.

How to adjust to hearing aids quickly and painlessly?

The adaptation period lasts an average of 3-4 weeks. The exact period depends on many factors, including the individual patient. The Hearing care professional will advise you on the selection/buying of hearing aids, their fitting, and their adaptation. Follow all the doctor's advice to get used to your hearing aids sooner!

Family members play an important role in getting used to medical devices. They can either help or hinder you. Therefore, ask your loved ones to be understanding during the adjustment period. There is no need to pressure you or make you nervous.

For the first few days, use the devices only at home, in a quiet environment. You need to get used to your familiar acoustic environment. Surrounding objects should be familiar to you.

Are you used to the sounds of home? Great! After that, gradually expand your palette of sounds. But it should also be quiet and peaceful places. For example, a walk in the park is great.

At first, wear the devices for no more than 20-30 minutes a day. Gradually increase this value. Add 30-60 minutes at a time, depending on how you feel. If you feel tired, remove the devices. Don't strain your brain with too much load. It is better to take longer to get used to external sounds than to torture yourself!

Can you wear hearing aids for a long time in quiet places and at home? Great! Then you are ready to take the last step. Visit noisy places (restaurants, movie theaters, etc.) while wearing your hearing aids. Start with a few hours, gradually increasing this time.



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