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Was it a summer so good you don’t want it to end? You don’t have to let it. You can keep those fresh memories alive and close to your heart. High-quality, handcrafted jewelry is a permanent reminder of a wonderful trip or moment in time from summer. Let the following fine jewelry ideas inspire you to keep your life full and your heart warm year-round.

Sentimental Sand Dollar Jewelry

If the sand and sea captivated your spirit this summer, a sculptural sand dollar charm is the perfect beach-inspired piece. Whenever you want to bring the feeling of the ocean close, just wear your sentimental sand dollar necklace. Seek a textured piece that looks beautiful from every angle in the metal of your choice and with either a polished or patina finish depending on your preference. If you have a high-quality charm, pair it with an equally beautiful goldlink chain to complete your look.

Creative Compass Jewelry

As long as humans have been navigating the world, the compass has been a symbol for travelers. If you love the freedom travel gives you or just want a reminder to follow your true direction, carrying compass symbolism makes sense for all wanderlusters. Whether it’s an ornate charm and 2mm gold chain, cufflinks, or a keychain—handcrafted compass jewelry helps you hold onto your dreams and memories.

Comforting Coordinates Jewelry

Along the same lines as compass jewelry, coordinates jewelry is timeless and can mean something special based on where you’ve been. Coordinates include the latitude and longitude of a specific place. The numbers may not mean anything to anyone else at first glance, but they will to you. Create a custom bracelet, ring, or charm for a necklace that’s sure to strike up a conversation and allow you to remember a meaningful location.

Majestic Mountain Landscape Jewelry

If the mountains are calling, you will indeed love to wear a customized piece featuring a mountain landscape. A handcrafted charm with a stunning mountain scene captures a moment in time and is a one-of-a-kind reminder of your amazing journey. Choose a mountain charm that you can have personalized with a location. Hand stamped lettering of the location offers a unique and long-lasting touch to your special charm.

Precious Stones In Living Color

Every precious stone is unique, just like you. If you find one that speaks to your travels, make it your own. You can find gorgeous stones wrapped in solid 14k gold wire so you can wear one on a chain. Aquamarine is a great example of a blue-green color that may remind you of the sea and is also associated with the zodiac sign of Pisces. Lapis is a dark blue color with specs of several minerals, reminiscent of a starry night sky. Whatever you choose, wear a pop of color that captures the essence of your favorite summer destination.

About Heather B. Moore

If you love the idea of heirloom quality jewelry that tells a rich story, Heather B. Moore can make the perfect handmade pieces for you and loved ones. Personalized fine jewelry by Heather B. Moore is sure to be treasured for a lifetime. Created with the highest level of craftsmanship, each piece is brought to life with meaningful words, symbols, initials, or even a loved one’s exact handwriting or a child’s drawing. Every hand stamped piece is made using a freehand technique, giving it a distinct personality just like the wearer. Tell your unique story with one-of-a-kind jewelry from Heather B. Moore, from hand stamped oval charms to custom chains, bracelets, earrings, and more.

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