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Helping Your Aging Parents To Quit Smoking June 22, 2021

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June 22, 2

June 22, 2021

Senior putting out a giant cigarette

Although many seniors are aware of smoking’s harmful effects, smoking could still be an issue for them. Nicotine is an incredibly addictive chemical, and many seniors are often negatively influenced by nicotine. Your aging loved one may also want the freedom of an unfeigned lifestyle that comes with smoking-free daysYour doctor will most likely suggest quitting smoking at some point. Here are some ideas to help you make your friend or relative’s desire to stop smoking easier to achieve.

8 WAYS TO ENCOURAGE Your Parents to Quit Smoking

1: The first thing to know is that quitting smoking can be an extremely hard thing to do.

This substance can be as detrimental to our mental and physical wellbeing as it is to our physical self. Nicotine physically alters our brains, which is why we feel dependent upon it. In fact, it has been described as “a chronic brain disorder.” The enticing effect of nicotine must always be understood.

However hard this is for us to comprehend, we need to respect the fact that it might be a real challenge and significant accomplishment for someone we love. This is why we acknowledge the importance of the reminders.


As nicotine influences the brain in a number of ways, we should also realize that quitting smoking is a process that continues for a lifetime. The quitter will have to spend some time and effort on this life change. It will take time for them to retrain their brain to replace smoking with healthier habits and behaviors.


Regardless of your viewpoint, the one who has to quit smoking obviously has their own reasons for doing so. We are all aware of tobacco’s dangers and our reasons for making sure our friends and family aren’t smoking as well. Nevertheless, it’s sensible to talk with our friends and family members about their motivations.

By understanding their reasons for quitting, we can help them remember what they are working toward. By protecting that knowledge, we can ensure they always stay motivated despite challenges along the way. Above all, we must inspire them to keep going.

There is an individual story behind each person’s smoking. Some smokers are influenced by their social status, family ties, or career. They may wish to feel more self-confident. Any reason they give must be relevant to them and remain motivating. We can remind this person during tough times or temptations.


According to stats, 70 percent of adult smokers in the U.S. want to quit smoking cigarettes. However, they struggle to give up a habit that sends positive reward messages to their brains. Stopping smoking is a huge life change for many people, many of whom have been smoking regularly for years. Try to be as understanding as possible and imagine yourself in the shoes of the quitting person.

The experience of quitting something, whether we have never smoked or not, enables us to understand the depth of the process of quitting. It may be junk food, caffeine, alcohol, whatever it may be.


Even though we may feel hurt by certain habits of our loved ones, we cannot alter their decisions. Ultimately, we need to respect their life and lifestyle.

Providing positive reinforcement to someone who is in the process of quitting is crucial if we want to be confident that they are making the right decisions. We can help guide them away from harmful influences. Although we should support them, they do not need us to be overly pressurize them.

This may backfire, so we must be cautious not to provoke further anger and frustration, which could lead them to smoke again. Therefore, we can be supportive and encouraging, but we must also be careful not to push them over the edge.


Most smokers fail at their first attempt at quitting, and a sizable percentage end up trying several times before they ultimately succeed. According to one study, some smokers attempt quitting thirty times before they quit for good.

It is crucial that we acknowledge this as family or friends of smokers. If someone wants to quit heavily, it’s highly likely they will slip up every once in a while. Be understanding, and encourage them to get back on track. Reinforce my advice: stay out of negative influences and stay in a healthy environment.

Furthermore, any progress they make is a sign that they have determination and effort as well, which are critical components to success. Reminding them of what motivates them in the past can work well if they make mistakes or go back to smoking as a regular habit. We could also recognize the achievements they make, and encourage them to try again.


Despite a quitter’s best efforts, they may fail or return to full-time smoking after an attempt at quitting. Criticism and guilt-tripping only make the problem worse.

Feeling this positive support, they were more likely to try again and to make positive life choices after making mistakes. Feeling this positive support, the person felt more encouraged to attempt again and keep making positive choices.


It is fair to say that there will undoubtedly be difficulties as someone quits and there may be awkward moments. It is essential that our friends are there to listen to them. Often, all we can do is be present and available for the person we love and listen to their stories.


You must encourage your loved ones to quit smoking no matter what hard days they have. They may even lash out at us. The pursuit of quitting smoking ought to always be accompanied by any momentary victory, from a small gift to a celebratory dinner, because every gesture shows our loved ones how much we care. Thank you!

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