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This we need to get some 420 people in office instead of worrying about kissing their ass all the time i'm for term limits and you got to start at the political level like you say you go very lobbying but do your words fall on deaf ears or do your words do any good and I say get them out of the office and they've been up in there over 40 years and i say let's legalize the whole plan and i say let's raise the definition of him of 80 thc so i can grow a good strain of saving him well you make some good hemp cream and uh it's up it's up to you i we all like to make fun.

The Benefits Of Hemp cream

Politicians and uh i was term-limited by the voters um and uh i agree that we need to have term limits but they do listen they do care about what the public says because you're gonna vote them out of office if they don't act i don't know what the latest polls say but about 78 of Americans believe that the entire plan should be legal um and yet congress has not taken that step yet because uh congress a small group a minority of congress has held that up there is a bill that's going to be introduced in the Senate any day now by chuck Schumer ron Wyden and cory booker which would legalize marijuana once it's introduced.

Hemp Cream And CBD Gel Capsuls

I again encourage you to get in touch with your members of congress to let them know how you feel a similar bill has already passed the house it'll pass the house again the challenge is getting 60 votes in the senate and so we've got to work together to make sure if that bill passes it also has our language that i was talking about so really your your efforts to getting the word out to your members of congress do make a difference i'm having a hard time here yeah my name is craig it's where i'm at performing drugs my question is if you guys looking to come in with some kind of manufacturing plan to take all the product form of growth and processing could you say that you know do you plan to bring it in some kind of manufacturing plant to take the product from the hemp farmer and process it for a semester yeah so what we're what we're trying to do so right now we've got a very vibrant hemp extract industry it is only we're only going to really truly serve the farmer if we have a vibrant hemp fiber industry and and what's missing in this country is processing and manufacturing both the demand side as well as the processing of hemp fiber once we have slimming gel candy bar the door we're going to have extraordinary opportunities for farmers and so what we're working on with congress and with the usda right now is to try to develop uh substantial relief using some of these uh coronavirus funds to develop a half processing and hemp fiber processing hemp demand.


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