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Hemp products and benefits – Indus Hemp

Benefits of Hemp Protein Powder – Indus Hemp Super Foods

Most people still don't know about the superfood benefits of hemp protein powder.

If you're looking to optimize your protein intake, Indus hemp protein powder may be one of the best options available. No, it does not get you high. However, it is one of the most amazing superfoods on earth. Perfect for fitness enthusiasts or anyone who wants to supplement their diet, hemp protein powder is a choice alternative to other plant-based dietary supplements.

What is Hemp Protein Powder?

Simply put, Indus Hemp Protein Powder is made from hemp seeds and hearts. But what makes it so amazing? For starters, hemp protein contains all nine essential amino acids, along with healthy fats, minerals, and fiber – It’s an easy way to increase your fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

1 scoop of Indus Hemp Protein contains about 40 grams of protein. This isn’t as much protein as other Whey powders on the market boast, but hemp is a preferred choice for anyone who wants their protein powder to be as natural, complete, and unprocessed as possible. 

In general, protein powders are popular supplements among athletes, bodybuilders, or anyone trying to gain weight, increase muscle mass, or increase overall protein intake. These powders are also popular among vegans or vegetarians, who typically have to put a little more thought into their protein intake than the average omnivore.

There are quite a few different types of protein powders, but some of the most popular include whey protein, which comes from milk; egg protein, which typically comes from egg whites; soy protein, which, of course, comes from soy but Hemp Protein Powder is the ONLY Plant Protein which, However, hemp protein powder, with its nutty, earthy, robust, taste, is beginning to give these popular go-tos a run for their money, as more people realize its impressive superfood benefits. 

The Overlooked Superfood Benefits of Hemp Protein Powder?

As with any protein powder on the market, there are many things to consider when picking one out, from nutritional value to consistency to flavor. However, there are quite a few benefits to picking hemp as your preferred method of protein intake.

Research dictates that about 91-98% of the protein found in ground hemp seed is easily digestible, which means almost all of the protein powder’s amino acids will be used by your body for maintenance and/or healing. Researchers also believe hemp might be easier to digest because it contains proteins, edestin, and albumin, which the body is able to break down quickly. 

If you’ve stayed away from plant-based proteins because you have trouble digesting them, hemp protein powder might be a product for you to try. This is an especially helpful option for vegetarians or vegans, who wouldn’t normally consume animal proteins.

Most of the remaining fat is unsaturated, which is great for heart health.  great for heart health. It also has the perfect ratio of 3:1 omega-6:omega-3 fatty acids, which may help prevent heart disease and/or cancer. This fat content is considerably higher than other protein powders on the market, which can be good or bad depending on your personal needs. If you’re trying to add more heart-healthy fats to your diet, hemp protein powder could work as a great dietary supplement for you. However, if you’re aiming to incorporate a lower-calorie powder into the mix, this might not be the ideal choice.

Despite these facts, many adults don’t consume as much fiber per day as they should, based on health recommendations. It’s important for people to ensure they’re getting enough fiber in their diet, and hemp can help meet those needs. The fiber levels will vary from protein powder to protein powder – depending on the type of hemp seeds they were made from, and whether or not additional fiber was added – but generally, they contain about 8-9 grams of fiber per serving. In contrast, many other plant-based protein powders (like soy, rice, or pea) contain very low amounts of fiber. Be careful though – although hemp’s high fiber levels sound like a benefit, too much fiber can be tough on digestion, so make sure you aren’t over-consuming.

  • Hemp is rich in minerals and antioxidants.Beyond the high levels of protein and fiber, hemp is a great source of the minerals and antioxidants our bodies crave in order to really thrive. Hemp seeds are very rich in minerals like phosphorous, iron, manganese, magnesium, calcium, zinc, and copper. They also contain lignin amides,which contain strong antioxidant properties.


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