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Farm in Pennsylvania where he also grows hemp so thank you so much um for agreeing to present to us hemp cream for pain relief

and I think we'll just jump into it again thank you i would like to thank the University of Vermont for asking me to be part of this i've always loved it up in the Burlington area when I've been there.

The Best Hemp Cream for Pain

We're now down in Pennsylvania northeast pa area so in the northeast corner of the state Pennsylvania just by way of some history uh before I jumped in actually was at uh was founded around him so growing hemp is actually in the state's constitution and if you did not grow hemp back in the colonial days you were actually assessed attacks so a lot of uh background on him uh today's um and can everyone hear me i hope so um today's topic is resonance hemp processing for industrial help really um how do we get the oil out of Hamptons the easy way to look at it and we'll talk a bit about that um quick agenda uh from my point of view we'll talk a bit about the history of cannabis extraction.


A little bit broader so we're when we're talking about cannabis extraction um we'll look at both marijuana and hemp back in the day it's all the same thing some modern hemp extraction techniques extraction processes no insolvency and then laboratory safety which is always

hemp cream for pain relief

important here i'll try and I guess i've got about 40 minutes for speaking and then we'll try and take some questions after so just in terms of extraction history there are many records going back hundreds of thousands of years of people using cannabis tea hash or tinctures in ancient times.

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The first mention of hash dates to the year 900 in arabia where people used to eat it rather than smoke it so the original edibles if you will old forms of extraction were started in places like nepal making different forms of water hash or dry sift hash which some people use today this modern form of water extraction and dry sift not so much these days fast forward several decades if not hundreds of years uh individuals began to extract cannabinoids using small pieces of pvc pipe coffee filters and canned rotarized cans of butane fast forward a few more years beyond that and the idea of closed loop extraction came about somewhere around 2014 uh the very first live resin was extracted from fresh frozen plant material by gideop and kind bill we'll talk a bit about fresh material right now most extraction is done with dry material the exception being cbg and i'll mention that briefly as we move along here now extracted products occupy about half of the popular market uh products and that's true whether you're looking at the cannabis market or the industrial hemp market um and that isn't counting uh you know the edibles made from oil so um of different things but it's still about a 50 50 split on the product side we will however focus here on industrial hemp there may be some references to cannabinoids or to cannabis or marijuana only because industrial hemp and processes or about 95 of what you know from industrial hemp we'll move over to the cannabis space and i mentioned that in addition to everything else that was cited earlier we've actually built a number of growth facilities for other people here so i'm going to focus on ethanol extraction there are two hemp cream

primary forms of extraction for industrial hemp there's ethanol extraction and then there is co2 extraction we'll talk about co2 extraction afterward ethanol, however, is right now the more popular form of extraction in the hemp industry at least in Pennsylvania and I'll talk about some places where large co2 extraction or extractors have been built we'll talk a bit about some of the differences as we get into the co2 side and then uh in the morning but ethanol extraction is primarily used in hemp it's used in cannabis or marijuana just to produce crude but for hemp, this is the primary form cold ethanol.


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