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Securing your home is the most crucial thing nowadays. When your home is secure, it will give you peace of mind. If you want to make your home secure there are varieties of steps. Out of these steps, the maximum is easy and relatively inexpensive. Before you move ahead with the further process of Residential Locks, we will discuss some steps to make your home safe.

Make your home burglar-proof

Making your home safe can be done in many ways;

Replacement of weak locks

The weakest point of the doors is their locks. Make that the door frame-penetrating deadbolt lock is a grade 1 or grade 2 lock. Six three-inch-long screws that go through the door jamb and the door frame should be used to secure the striking plate, which is the stationary component into which the bolt fits.

Secure the windows of your home

The other entry point is a window when they are left open.
• Key locks work best for windows. When there are window locks, criminals can not break the glass.
• If you want to leave your windows open for ventilation, install a window stop that limits how far they may open to 6 to 8 inches.
• If you want to make the breaking of the windows more difficult, use shatterproof glass.
• Consider installing bars or accordion gates on windows that face the street or on fire escapes for increased protection.

Make strong doors for your home

Make the back entry door of your home the strongest for safety.
• There should be at least 1.75 inches of thickness on exterior doors, whether they are metal or solid hardwood.
• Ensure that the door frame is made of equally strong material and that the High-Security Door Locks fit securely into its frame, so it cannot be forced open.
• Occasionally, inexperienced door installers leave hinges on the outside, making it easy to remove the door.

Discard hiding places

Especially around windows and doors, and trim shrubs and trees. Consider using transparent landscaping in place of privacy walls or dense bushes. Intruders trying to get in through your rear door will also have privacy thanks to a tall, sturdy fence.

Installing Alarms

Choose perfect system

Alarm systems range from exceedingly complex and pricey for those that offer far-away monitoring and mobile access to reasonably priced door and window alarms you can install yourself. Although adding features could make your house slightly safer, you should be aware that typically, just having an alarm system is enough to discourage criminals.
• In the event of a break-in, a monitoring system will alert an offsite center. If they are unable to reach you or if they do and you request that they call the police, they will do so.
• A basic security system that detects a break-in will sound a loud alert. This could deter the thief or prompt nearby residents to phone the police. But be aware that police frequently charge for a false alarm.
• For locksmiths, individual alarms for doors, windows, or wireless cameras are affordable and easy to set up.

Install a home security system that uses motion detectors and locks all doors and windows

If you use a monitoring service or not, these are the fundamentals. There are a variety of additional features you can purchase, such as pressure mats under rugs to detect footsteps, closed-circuit TV systems, sensors for broken glass, or pressure sensors to detect attempts to kick in doors, but motion detectors and magnetic door and window contacts are typically enough to find a break-in.

Set up your own easy security measures

There are several straightforward, low-cost alarms you can install yourself if you don't want to invest in a whole home security system.
• Doors: When the doorknob is turned, an alarm goes off. They will make a loud, alarm-like noise if someone tries to break in.
• Windows: Similar movement-based alarms are available for windows. Additionally, you can buy affordable alarms that go off when a window is smashed. If windows are left unlocked for ventilation, window swags will make a noise.
• Webcams: For as little as $100, users can view motion-sensitive webcams on a computer or smartphone. A 24-hour watch can deter burglars from breaking into your house and catch them if they do.

Final words

If you want to keep your home safe, this post is helpful for you. You can use these tips to make your home safe. Residential locks are necessary if you visit regularly out of the station. Cunneen Premier Locksmiths can provide you with the best services to make your home safe. When your home is safe, you can live peacefully.


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