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Games of India, as well as sports, have shown to enhance a person’s overall development. Games and other sports help to develop the intellect and physique of an individual. The article provides more information on Sports and Games of India and World.


Sports can be a great way to build team spirit and help you have a more positive outlook on life. The best way to exercise is through sports. All sports are enjoyed around the globe: Cricket, Football (Volleyball), Chess and Chess), Chess and Badminton, and Tennis. Non-Olympic Sport is a second category.

Games of India

India is home to many people who play different games. India has won many Olympic gold medals in sports. It is also the birthplace of games like Hockey and Chess.


Shatranj and chaturanga were the ancient names used for Chess. Archaeologists found the remains around 1,500 year ago. It requires at most two players. The board is 8×8 inches. Each player is given 6 sets of pieces: 1 King, 1 Queen and 2 Rooks. 2 Knights, 2 Bishops, 2 Rooks, and 2 Rooks. 8 pawns are available. Checkmate (also known as shat mat) is the term for the defeat or King.


Kho Kho was created in India in 3rd century. Apart from kabaddi and kho kho, kho kho is India's oldest tag-game. A team has twelve players. Nine enter the field while others follow the field. Each player faces the opposing direction in a single row.


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Polo is played back on horses. It was in existence from the 6th to the first century BC. Mughal emperor in India set the modern polo. Sport of Kings is another name for this game. Polo was also played riding on elephants backs in some areas, and was therefore called “Elephant Polo”.

Snakes, ladders

Snakes and ladder, an ancient boardgame, is still in play. The game can be played simultaneously by up to two players. The boards are made up of N numbers of ladders or snakes. You must roll the dice and move to space before the current position. If a player is confronted by a snake, they will be directed to the block where the snake's tail is. If a player comes across a ladder, he/she will reach block at the top.

World Games

These are the games that can be played anywhere on the planet. Badminton (football), Volleyball (volleyball), and Cricket are some examples. These games are widely played and so are many other world games.


Football is an Olympic team sport. FIFA organizes a world cup every four years. A team has eleven players. Two teams compete against each others. The team with more goals wins. Football is a 90-minute-long game. Each half lasts 45 minutes, with one 30-minute break.


Cricket is a traditional bat and ball game. There are 125 countries that play cricket around the globe. Each team has 11 players and two teams each. A coin flip decides whether the ball or bat is to be played. There are many forms of cricket like IPL, 20-20 and others. Cricket is India’s most played and most popular game.


Badminton is also a racquet game. Badminton is played with racquets. There are two kinds of this sport, namely singles and doubles. One player on each side is better for singles games than two. You can toss the shuttlecock around the net with racquets. The player with most misses.

Solved Example for You

Question 1. Who among the following was the first Indian woman to earn a gold at the Asian Games'?

  1. P. Usha
  2. Karnam Malleshwari
  3. Kamaljit Sandhu
  4. Sania Mirza

Answer: Kamaljit Sandhu

Question 2. Question 2.

  1. Chess
  2. Tennis
  3. Cricket
  4. Football

Answer: Cricket

Question 3. Question 3.

  1. Faster and stronger
  2. Braver, Faster, and Higher
  3. Stronger, faster, higher, faster
  4. Faster, stronger, and higher

Answer: Faster. More powerful.


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