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A new function called “Play Something” has been released by Netflix on Android. The primary purpose of this application is to recommend to users what to watch during their leisure hours. People do buy Netflix subscriptions, but sometimes, they get confused over what to watch because of such an extensive library. People who cannot decide what they should be watching and what not can use the newest feature called “Play Something.”

It was not released to Android users initially, but it has now been released to Android users. Nobody can watch the entire Netflix album, and people remain undecided on which shows are worth watching and which shows would be suitable.

Another feature added to the Android user interface is the “Fast Laugh” feature, which would be similar to the one already used in the Tiktok application.

If you cannot select your favorite show or you cannot decide which deserves your attention, Netflix will help you with that courtesy of its newly released in-app feature called “Play Something.” The “Play Something” help you figure what suits you the best in the ocean of content.

How does “Play Something” Works?

The function called “Play Something” works similarly to Google Ads. It is essential to analyze your data and recommend a few movies you may or may not like seeing. The “Play Something” function will check your browser history as well as the preferences you might have selected. Based on that, the process will handpick a few movies or TV series that interest you.

Now, you may or not agree with the selection of the “Play Something” function. If you do not like any of the recommended movies or TV series, then you can use the toggle option called “Play Something Else.” Click on the option “Play Something Else” to get the recommendation of some more movies or TV series.

In the content you get recommended using the “Play Something,” you might see films or TV series that you may have already started watching. And, in others, you can observe in the information bar that the film is similar to something you have already watched, hence the recommendation.

You can find the information related to the TV series or movie right beneath the screen. There, you will find the reason for the recommendation, either because it is similar to the film you have already seen or is in the same genre as the films you have already watched.

It is a simple tool but works quite well if you want to see something quick and entertaining. However, the only problem you might face is when you become an avid movie watcher and start watching films from all genres. Then, the function “Play Something” might get confused on what to recommend.

The product innovation director of Netflix named Patrick Fleming also made a statement regarding the “Play Something” function. He said that “Play Something” works best is when you are indecisive and want someone to help you see something good. He was glad that the feature “Play Something” had finally made its way to the Android application. He promised that the “Play Something” application would only make the movie-watching experience easier and convenient.

Earlier, “Play Something” was only available for Netflix application available in television; however, Fleming explained that the function would soon reach the application present in mobile phones.

iOS users still haven’t received the function, but it is likely to follow suit after the announcement on Android devices. To get the “Play Something” button, you will have to search through the navigation bar at the bottom and then find and use the tab dedicated explicitly to the “Play Something” button. Apart from that, you might also find a “floating” button on the bottom-right of the screen to help you go from top to bottom as you choose your content.

“Fast Laughs” is another feature that has been included in the Netflix application hosted on Android smartphones. It is similar to the feature that is available on Tiktok. It enables you to watch short and funny videos to pass your time. In the “Fast Laughs” section, you can go down from one video to another using the vertical toggle option.


If you are using an Android phone, you can leverage the “Play Something” feature, which has been updated in the Netflix application hosted on Android devices. Learn how to use the function from the sections mentioned above.


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